“International Women’s Day”

Today, on March 8th, a festival of love and respect for women unfolds—a day where I marvel at the feminine virtues and values with a glance full of wonder and delight. In this vast and dynamic world, every corner of beauty that catches my eye leaves me in awe.

When I gaze at the sea, I uncover the secrets of its hidden beauties. In the sea, anything named “ocean” or “shell” initiates a beautiful and feminine story. In the garden, with scattered flowers like “daffodils,” “jasmine,” “violet,” and “blossom,” spring displays its freshness. Each of these flowers takes on a beautiful and feminine name, adding a sweet melody to any moment in life.

Even on the snow-covered peaks, looking at the mountains reveals precious stones like gold, silver, turquoise, and diamonds, all named after women. These beautiful and feminine names bear witness to hidden beauties in every aspect of life.

In a perspective where the sky, like a beautiful book, narrates endless tales of beauty and kindness, I glance at these celestial elevations. Each of these points in the sky has taken a beautiful and glorious feminine name. “Saturn,” with its beautiful and romantic rings, enchants life with tranquility and adornment. “Venus,” with its radiant beauty, plays a crucial role in capturing our attention and proudly identifies itself as a beautiful flower. “Uranus,” with a sky full of secrets and energy, like a celestial blue whale, leads us to a new world of beautiful and delightful stories. “Moon,” like an endless hero in creation, with its beautiful and gentle light, takes on a soothing and feminine name.

As I look at books and absorb the essence of people’s expressions, names like “praise,” “devotion,” and “adoration” settle in my heart like deep and amazing treasures. These names each bring a special and captivating story of life to me. The definition of a woman, like a mirror reflecting beauty, with these names, reveals a world full of love, effort, and ideals.

In the most magical seasons of life, each name alone is a work of art depicting the beauty and feminine power. “Praise,” with its meaning of admiration and commendation, orders every beautiful song of love and emotions in my mind. “Devotion,” like a calm and delightful melody, conveys every singer’s voice of their life to me. “Adoration,” with its warm and pleasant weight, presents any view of beauty and attention to me.

In this magical world of names, each one as a unique masterpiece of life brings a story full of tales and emotions. Each name, like a beautiful flower scattered in the garden of life, makes my heart lively and hopeful.

Looking at poetry, I am amazed at how the world’s most famous poets harmonize love and beauty with the name “woman.” Every verse that comes out of their mouths sets a sweet melody of love and the epic of feminine life dancing in my heart, filling it with gentle and delightful notes.

When I look at music, I see that artists around the world create romantic love songs as sharp as a woman’s dagger. Their voices, like the soft and pleasant melody of a gentle note, dance in the night sky and immerse my thoughts in the magic of love. With every note, they cast a romantic scent of themselves into the world and draw my heart into the whispers of gentle and soothing love.

If I look at the meaning of life, a world without the presence of women is unbearable. A woman is the essence of existence, the hidden beauty behind the curtain of humanity. A woman’s presence in the world, as a kindness in every aspect, creates a magic that, whenever reminded, leads us to the wonder of love and beauty.

A woman is the most wonderful aspect of the world. Everything in this world is named after a woman. A woman is not only hope and life, but also pure love, growing day by day. She plays a key role in the face of life and, every moment of her existence, brings forth a new romantic story to the world.

Just the fragrance of a woman’s sweet scent passing through the air turns all of life into poetry. The definition of a woman, like a mirror of beauty, with these names, shows me a world full of love, effort, and ideals.

May the day come when women in the heart of Afghanistan, like free birds, proudly soar toward the sky of freedom. In this vast spectrum of life, may they choose the right to be present in the professional world as they wish and engage in it wholeheartedly.

In their schools, may the light of education spread as a bright pear blossom, so they can benefit from knowledge and life’s horizons. The right to education in any field they desire should always be accessible to them, allowing them to enjoy the beauties and melodies of the diverse world of knowledge.

Moreover, in the job market, may women, with their creativity and capabilities, play their role as traders, entrepreneurs, and active contributors to their society’s economy. The right to participate in any fountain of economic and business dynamism is not only a necessity for Afghanistan’s vibrancy but also a tangible requirement for the rise of their nation on the international stage.

This grand wish not only reflects the struggles of women in Afghanistan for their fundamental rights but also highlights the incredible potential and power shining within every woman. This literary and emotional perspective is an endless support to the vulnerable and courageous assistants of these life stories, whose melodies of ideals, hope, and self-discovery resonate in the heart of Afghanistan’s beautiful blossoms.


“Exploring Wishes and Regrets”

In the heart of every individual living in this world full of secrets and untold stories, there are infinite wishes, like leaves on trees. These wishful leaves, all ignited with the flames of longing and eagerness, burn intensely in the hearts of all. Each leaf is a symbol of a wish, a desire, and an unspoken longing in the essence of humanity.

These wishes, like delicate flowers blooming in the gardens of life, always flow through the heart of each person in this world like particles in a profound sea of emotions, whispering their desired melody in the solitude of their hearts every moment. Life sometimes presents us with wishes that will never come true, plunging the human heart into endless regret that will accompany them until the final moments of their existence.

Some individuals perceive these regrets as a unique guide for growth and advancement, directing them towards finding the best version of themselves. In this adventurous journey called life, every step is a sorrowful tale, every moment a bitter lesson, and every wish a drop of tears in the vast sea of emotions. Undoubtedly, these regrets and wishes, like a great storm, surround our lives, pulling us into the depths of our own sea with a sudden caress.

At times, one must lower the ceiling of their wishes a little to look at life more comfortably and respectfully pass by all the wishes that have drowned in our hearts. In the corners of our minds, wishes and regrets lie dormant, alive in the solitude of our hearts. With a heart full of enthusiasm and hope, we can make the best use of what we have in this world with its ever-revolving sun.

This journey, a combination of tears falling like raindrops from everyone’s eyes, laughter casting warmth and light into our hearts like the sun, and the heartwarming melodies of the song of life, will be filled with stories of the spectrum of human experiences. This journey, like a diverse collection of melodies, showcases the complete spectrum of life from bitter moments to sweet ones.

The heartwarming melodies of the song of life in this journey, with each change in life’s composition, offer new emotions and experiences to humans. tears melodies, with moments of happiness and heartwarming, narrate a story of diversity and variety in the history of life. With each step added to this journey, every moment will initiate a new chapter in the story of life.

This journey reveals adventures of memories and unspoken desires, allowing individuals to become familiar with the emotions and motivations that have always been hidden in their hearts. In the complexity and beauty of this journey, every note of the song of life is a reminder of paths guiding individuals toward dreams and goals.

This journey, like an endless book of life’s beauties, will write a captivating and unforgettable story on each of its pages. With faith in oneself and intelligent choices, let us, with love and courtesy, write pages filled with the deepest emotions and profound feelings of our lives, bringing light and freshness to the world around us. This journey will remind us that regrets and wishes always guide us towards dreams and progress. Let us, with love and emotion, with hearts full of hope, focus on discovering the beauties of the world and life. This journey, more than anything, will be a joyful and inspiring melody of life that joins the ears of anyone seeking meaning and beauty in every moment, dancing with tears of joy in their hearts.


“In the name of love”

From the depths of my heart’s valley, soaked with emotions that always linger in the shadows of silence, we unfold our own land today, in the year 2024, to pay homage to the day of men, delving away from the ignorance of history into the corner of love.

In the heart of the flowers of this garden of life, fathers are the strong foundations that entrust our lives to tranquility and brightness. Like the wind of intimacy, they sweep away darkness from their path and have eyes full of love and perpetual efforts to soar and dance in the heights.

Father’s Day is when hearts soar in the name of love, and the sky loses the taste of joyous melodies in this kingdom. Today, I wander in these romantic alleys scattered with pure flowers, seeking beautiful thoughts and words to blossom within them.

The history of Father’s Day is a beautiful tale of love and respect. This day, as a turning point in the story of love, paints serenity in our lives from its inception. Initially, this sapling was planted by religious men in the 1910s in America, like the scent of rain, starting to bloom. Their aim was to create a day of appreciation and respect for fathers, and since then, this fragrance has blossomed and spread worldwide.

Now, Father’s Day is celebrated in every corner of the globe as a symbol of love and respect for fathers. This day gives us the opportunity to express respect and love to the hidden creators of our lives through gifts and soothing words.

Father, the angel ruling over hearts, fills hearts with excitement and love through small and subtle actions. Behind the walls of the heart, where a nurse’s sky is concealed, he showcases the guiding light of life for his children with the lantern of love and stability.

Fathers, the compassionate and mentors of life, standing with life management, make decisions that guide families to a world of brightness. This continuous effort to create a better world, in fields such as economics, faith, and commitment, turns into a beautiful melody that constantly plays in our lives.

Therefore, today I breathe in with a beautiful pear of words of love. On this day, I thank my dear fathers for every moment, expressing gratitude for life and love. I present these romantic moments to the leader of love and the guide of the depths of my life.

With utmost respect and love,



“Embracing Love and Beauty in Women”

Woman, an astonishing and exceptional element in every man’s life. Wherever I look, woman is present as a significant and special element in our surroundings. Laughter symbolizes woman, tears symbolize woman, imaginations symbolize woman, even the sun and the lines in the sky are all representations of the beauty of woman. Even in the language of love, man transforms into the symbol of woman.

Every moment the pleasant fragrance of a woman passes through our senses, our entire being becomes a rich and beautiful poem. Woman, the axis of existence upon which the world is built, we are brought into being by the existence of a woman. Ultimately, with love for a woman, life transforms into a journey of unique and beautiful colors. Woman, in the role she plays in the lives of men, is endowed with endless beauty and attractiveness, making us embrace woman as a symbol of beauty and wondrous life from every angle.

Love, the True Beauty

Love, this deep and astonishing feeling accumulated in the hearts of every human, transforms our lives into a romantic and delightful journey. Love signifies woman, that astonishing state that a woman brings into a man’s life, and that indissoluble attachment that draws men towards women. In moments when love flows in our hearts, laughter becomes an expression of joy, and tears reveal the depth of our emotions. With love, woman, like the sun in the sky, brings light and warmth to our lives. With her lines and marks, she adds beauty and authenticity to our experiences, leading us into a world of fantasies and dreams.

Freedom of Love

Love, like a bird in the sky, is free and unconditional. This feeling gives us a sense of victory and triumph in life. Every season of life, with love, turns into a marvelous spring, and whenever love prevails, a fresh start full of hope emerges.

Music of Life

Love, like music in our ears, turns life into a romantic symphony. Woman, like the moon and moonlight, is a light in the darkness of our lives. Every star in the sky is a symbol of woman who, with her superiority and beauty, refreshes and makes life charming.

Love’s Bond

Love, like three strands of hair on a woman’s fingers, is a bond that brings us closer to each other. Every window that opens is an opportunity for life and the experience of love. Even the dust in the air is a sign of the presence of woman in every particle of our lives.

Love for Life

In the end, love for life becomes a reality for men. We are here to establish connections with women who bring love and beauty into our lives, and to enjoy the marvelous moments obtained through love.

With hope for a life full of love and beauty!


“Journey of Gratitude”

In the journey of life, no one travels alone. Undoubtedly, numerous individuals join us in this journey, walking alongside us, as no one can progress alone or without connections with others. This diverse and challenging journey leads us to harmonize with various individuals. In this path, we not only witness those who walk beside us but also influence others with our decisions and actions. It is essential to appreciate and acknowledge our connections and shared will from the beginning to the last moments of this journey.

The commencement of my life’s journey begins with the blessings of my dear family, where my beloved parents, Al-Haj Abdul Qayum Sakha and Nazifeh Wafa, shaped my life with love and kindness, providing profound guidance. Additionally, my siblings, especially my dear brothers and sister, my Father-in-law Abdul Sami and my lovely aunt, have always been the starting point of support and positive intentions in my heart. This family is a constant and powerful anchor that has enriched my life with stable relationships and boundless love.

I express heartfelt gratitude to the numerous educators who stood as mentors throughout my educational journey, from elementary school to Master level studies. These esteemed mentors not only enhanced my scientific knowledge but also guided me towards progress and development with quality teachings. Moreover, I am grateful to dear friends like Tareq, Jamsheed, Sultan Ahmed Aria, Basit Ahmadi, and others who introduced me to the world of knowledge. Their support and companionship helped me navigate the marvelous path of learning.

The love and joy derived from my dear wife and two children, Niayesh Jan and Mohammad Elyar Jan, make my life more valuable and significant than anything else. In every moment spent with this beloved small family, I feel grateful and content.

When I spend time with my children and wife, I sense that time is our most precious asset, and this close bond strengthens us. Additionally, my wife, through cooking delicious homemade meals, symbolizes love and care, consistently striving to create a festival of flavors and warm home memories for us. This ongoing hospitality and patience in cooking reflect a will that cannot easily be overlooked.

Alongside all these commendable aspects of life, sometimes life, amidst the storms of transformations, encounters challenges and pressures. Hence, it is crucial to fully benefit from the love and support of our spouse and children. My wife, Maryam Jan, is not only my life partner but an exceptional companion who is present in every moment of life. My two beloved children also play a vital role in creating sweet and meaningful moments in life.

Life in America and the challenging world today is not without its challenges and complex prospects. As I strive with passion and hope to achieve my short-term and long-term goals, responsibilities and expectations become challenging. Nevertheless, most importantly, I express appreciation and gratitude to my wife, who patiently and diligently stands by my side, encouraging me to continue the path of goal setting and serving immigrants.

Furthermore, the presence of dear individuals like Dr. Sahib Joya, Hasib Jan Hafizi, and the kind-hearted, especially the family of Jamshid Jan Sultan Zada, in America is highly valuable to me. Their support and presence motivate me to continue my successful journey of goal setting and serving immigrants with dedication and success.


Migration Dynamics: Unveiling Factors, Life Opportunities, and Challenges in the United States of America.

Migration, as a global phenomenon, has captured the attention of social and economic researchers, encompassing economic and social aspects beyond cultural dimensions. The recent increase in migration worldwide is due to challenges in Afghanistan, bringing forth security issues, economic difficulties, poverty, social inequality, and lack of educational opportunities.

This phenomenon has a significant impact not only on a national scale but also globally. Research indicates that economic, social, and natural factors, including war, poverty, unemployment, and economic instability, are major reasons for migration from Afghanistan. A considerable portion of migrants aims to secure employment and increase income to mitigate economic and social challenges.

Afghan migrants, like others throughout history, view migration as an opportunity to improve living conditions. With advancements in science and technology, migration has become a complex phenomenon involving economic, educational, and social opportunities on a global scale.

Afghan migrants, especially after the fall of the government and the intensification of conflict, face numerous challenges. Despite these challenges, migration is recognized as a crucial factor in the development and transformation of global societies, enhancing international relations and cultural exchange.

Afghanistan, despite its war-torn history and numerous challenges, continues to face various issues. Afghan migrants must cope with these realities to establish a new life full of hope and opportunities in different parts of the world.

The Sun and Shadow of Afghan Migration: Challenges and Opportunities.

Migration from Afghanistan to other countries is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon driven by various international criteria, motivations, and causes. These migrations are shaped by natural characteristics, socio-economic conditions, and the political situation in Afghanistan. After the fall of the government and facing challenges such as human rights abuses, social needs, living conditions, and biological factors, individuals in Afghanistan seek improved living conditions, escape, and migration to other countries.

The expansion of this interconnected chain highlights significant differences between migrants who have moved to destination countries and those who still face many challenges in neighboring Pakistan. Those with better familiarity with the language and culture of the destination country, along with previous experiences, quickly adapt and succeed in the job market. Others, due to economic and security challenges or insufficient familiarity with the destination environment, continue to face numerous challenges in neighboring countries. Due to limitations in economic, educational, and occupational areas, they have been unable to experience an improved life.

As a result, socio-economic differences between these two groups of migrants play a crucial role in their life experiences and success in destination countries. There is a need for more attention and support from host communities, especially in dealing with additional challenges faced by migrants.

“America as a Destination for Migrants: Opportunities and Challenges.”

Migration to America as a popular destination offers numerous life and job opportunities to individuals from around the world. Economically and socially, the country has become one of the most dynamic societies globally, providing access to a variety of facilities and amenities that can enhance individual lives.

One of the primary opportunities in living in America is the prominence of educational facilities. The country hosts many top universities and higher education institutions globally, allowing individuals to pursue higher education and develop their skills and knowledge in various fields.

The American job market, due to its vastness and diverse range of occupations, presents numerous job opportunities. Individuals can experience diverse jobs, ranging from technology and software to various industries and services.

Moreover, the rich and diverse social and cultural life is also a valuable opportunity in America. The people in this country benefit from cultural and racial diversity, enabling them to connect with other ethnicities and cultures in various environments.

Despite these opportunities, challenges such as language issues, cultural adjustment, and immigration regulations exist for migrants. However, with a little effort and commitment, migrants can access better jobs in America. As a dynamic and extensive job market, the country provides ample opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and capabilities.

In conclusion, despite these challenges, the available opportunities in America can facilitate migrants in creating a better life and achieving career success. With a commitment to adaptation, migrants can access better jobs in the dynamic and extensive American job market.

Challenges before immigration:

With the emergence of a dark mask on the face of Afghanistan’s history, the narrative of the people’s lives in this land has turned into a tale of immense pain and sorrow. Over the past two decades, the hope for a better future had come alive in the hearts of the people. A hope that, day by day, was joined by the increasing glory of women and progress towards equality and social rights. However, with the fall of the government, the lives they had built with immense effort turned into a sea of fear and horror, forcing people to leave homes they had constructed due to hardships and misfortune. This compulsion not only makes their daily lives difficult but also erases all the joys of their existence.

Their somber faces reflect the image of deep wounds resulting from years of pressures and instabilities. These faces indicate the weariness of their souls and hearts; hearts that tremble under the most fragile situations. Women who have lost their families, the lands they have traversed, and without any guarantees for the future, are forced to move on.

Individuals who have fled to asylum countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Rwanda, Albania, Abu Dhabi, and other places have faced significant challenges. Their gloomy faces reflect the image of poverty and lack of access to welfare facilities. Those who, at great expense, have purchased their last Pakistan visa and acquired a pricey plane ticket, without migration case planning and approval, have turned to neighboring countries as their destination for refuge.

Challenges of migration flow:

Those migrants who have left Afghanistan and arrived in another country are faced with new difficulties. Additionally, individuals waiting for the approval of their migration cases have encountered problems arising from the complicated conditions in the host country, and their lives are nearing a border of bitterness and despair. The situation of these individuals becomes more complicated day by day, and their life problems increase. The expiration of the visa for conflict migrants who entered Pakistan has cast a shadow of fear and distress over their lives, turning their aspirations and future possibilities into a bitter dream. Lack of access to work and financial resources, as well as the development of migration cases, have turned their financial issues into a challenging and bitter nightmare, making decisions to face migration-related challenges more daunting than ever before.

On the other hand, the disorderly and discriminatory taxation of conflict migrants in Pakistan has turned the lives of Afghan migrants into a pervasive and difficult tumult. The unstable economic and social situation in Pakistan poses a greater challenge for the conflict migrants, but they are still forced to come to Pakistan due to the compulsion of leaving the country. Many of these migrants, enduring unstable and economically insecure conditions, prefer the unequal conditions of Afghanistan over the challenges and crises of Pakistan. Despite the unstable and unsafe economic conditions, they endure unemployment, and the unorganized conditions in Afghanistan seem preferable to facing the challenges and crises of Pakistan, seeking an escape from the turbulent life in Afghanistan.

Many people who have sought refuge in Pakistan face severe additional challenges due to the economic and social instability. The taxation of conflict migrants, as an unwanted burden, has increased day by day, adding new costs to their lives.

The lives of these migrants have turned into an inextricable state of fear, despair, and stress. Many believe that life in this land, whether as a legal or illegal migrant, is worse than prison. They live within numerous constraints and lack basic living facilities. The disorder and taxation are only part of their problems, and dark images of their lives have been portrayed, scattered in the streets, telling a story of humanity against another day-to-day hardship.

In the shadow of these bitter realities, Afghan migrants are increasingly facing the worst days of their lives. Enduring unstable conditions and the lack of basic rights guarantees, their lives have become a serious threat and an unsafe environment. In the darkness of legal and human rights, they navigate in a world beyond the usual understanding of humanity, facing numerous challenges. As representatives of social inequality, their health situation has reached an unimaginable stage of disorder and harm. These individuals, due to lack of access to health services and violation of their basic rights, face increasing physical and mental problems, sinking into a state of deep depression. This depression is not only the result of unsafe physical and health conditions but also stems from the lack of basic life facilities and uncertainty about the future.

In terms of enduring this pressure, these migrants are not only faced with physical challenges but also mental problems resulting from life instability and the loss of basic facilities. Their lives have approached a border of bitterness and depression.

Challenges After Arrival in the Destination Country:

Initiating life in America for these migrants comes with economic challenges and difficulties that profoundly affect their spirits and aspirations. The lack of financial resources to cover rent, daily expenses, and health services has turned their lives into a bitter tale. Language problems also make it more difficult for them to access job opportunities and integrate into society.

Every day, they face increasing life challenges and strive to continue despite the stresses and emotional pressures accompanying them. Even when educational or job opportunities are available, the unfavorable living conditions and economic constraints reduce their ability to fully enjoy their lives.

Their economy, after entering America, is highly vulnerable, and migrants are trying to stabilize their financial situations, searching for job opportunities and solutions to cover daily expenses. Even the minority with higher education and proficiency in English cannot escape economic problems and gradually encounter various financial obstacles.

Amidst all these challenges, they continuously endeavor to bear the heavy burden of economic and social problems to build a generation better than what they have experienced in their homeland. This journey, filled with despair, is riddled with various challenges such as uncertainty about the future, language limitations, and efforts to pass on culture and identity to future generations.

The situation of a significant portion of these individuals in America is worse job-wise than it was in Afghanistan. Housing resettlement organizations can only provide assistance in house rent for a limited period of three months. Many new immigrants are facing language challenges, and another part of these people who entered with parole visas, after a long period, receives work permits and ultimately many conflict migrants have integrated into society with great difficulty. When Afghan migrants arrive in America, housing resettlement organizations provide only initial services for three months, and the U.S. government provides cash assistance and health services for six months.

Afghan migrants seeking a better life in America face challenges and restrictions in employment sectors. Some of these individuals work as taxi drivers in cities. This job, in addition to financial constraints, requires physical labor and long working hours, providing minimal income.

Only a small fraction with higher education and excellent English proficiency have managed to get slightly better jobs. Still, alongside that, they often need to work taxi jobs part-time to cover their living expenses. Another challenge is not having a car, or a small portion of migrants who receive help and support from their families get a car. They work in food distribution jobs, including working with Amazon, and, after a year of having their driver’s licenses, they can become taxi drivers. However, this job does not yield significant income, and a person may start working from early morning until midnight, possibly earning a few hundred dollars during the weekends. After deducting car expenses and market costs, the income from this taxi job is not substantial.

In general, despite the extensive efforts of some of these individuals to better integrate into American society, economic and social problems continue to sit as a dark veil over their lives. This story is a tale of a bitter contradiction and aspirations for a better life within the darkness of the social realities of Afghan immigrants in America.


“Challenges to Gratitude, Lessons from 19 Years”

Life can be experienced as a valuable and fascinating journey. Similar to a journey full of mysteries and challenges, life offers abundant opportunities and unique challenges for each individual. Since 2004, when I embarked on this adventurous and spiritual journey, and engaged in various fields of work, this path has transformed into a comprehensive period of learning and personal growth.

This journey, accompanied by moments of laughter and joy, has consistently guided me towards new aspects of life. Over the course of these 19 years, I have worked in diverse environments, including domestic and international organizations, gaining extensive experience.

Connecting with people from different backgrounds in Afghanistan and other countries, especially during the past two years in the United States, has been one of the captivating aspects of my life journey. These interactions, occurring in various work environments and life experiences, have turned into profound lessons in leadership, continuous learning, and making a positive impact.

Amidst these entertainments and challenges, my goal in sharing these experiential stories is to provide a scientific and experiential approach for others. I hope that these insights will help others optimally utilize their past experiences, take steps towards sustainable improvements in their personal and professional lives, and complain less while contributing more positively to society.

One interesting observation during this experiential journey has been the increase in complaints and criticisms from individuals when facing economic and social pressures and challenges. These complaints not only serve as tools to express problems and weaknesses but also seem to be employed as a strategy to escape from challenges.

The experience in Afghanistan has shown that people are facing economic challenges, poverty, and unemployment, leading to an increase in complaints and dissatisfaction among the population. This has grown into an unhealthy phenomenon among the entire population. In these circumstances, the lack of gratitude for opportunities and presented situations becomes one of the fundamental challenges.

Now the question arises: Are these negative statements and complaints something we should avoid? Or can we use these negative experiences as an opportunity for learning and improvement?

From a scientific perspective, complaints can indicate weaknesses and social needs. However, the question is how gratitude for opportunities can be introduced as a constructive solution. Gratitude not only creates a sense of satisfaction and joy but also guides individuals towards positive aspects of life.

From my experiences, I have learned that individuals who can benefit from opportunities in the face of challenges and, instead of complaining, move towards solutions with gratitude, have had much more successful experiences.

Therefore, if we want to use personal experiences in this regard, I believe it is essential to encourage individuals to approach challenges with a constructive attitude and, instead of increasing complaints, move towards encouraging gratitude and benefiting from opportunities. This path can help individuals not only experience improvement in their own lives but also contribute to the improvement of their communities.

In conclusion, this path of 19 years of experience demonstrates the importance of opportunities and the central role of gratitude in advancing individual and social life. From the transformations witnessed during this period, it can be learned that individuals tend to complain and criticize easily in the face of challenges and problems. However, when these criticisms turn towards positive and constructive management, they will have significantly positive effects.

Experience shows that the path individuals take with a pursuit of gratitude and utilizing opportunities has not only impacted their personal lives but has also had positive effects on communities. Gratitude, with its constructive perspective on life and the provided opportunities, guides individuals towards sustainable solutions and improvements.

For this reason, I joined the call from here for every individual to change their focus from complaints to gratitude and benefit from life’s opportunities. This choice will not only help improve one’s personality and mindset but will also serve as a powerful guide for the progress of societies. Therefore, with a sense of responsibility and hope for the future, I highly recommend this constructive and meaningful path of my experiences to everyone.


“A Beacon of Kindness at IRC”

Mariam White is a beacon of kindness and integrity in the IRC office. Her warm welcome on my second day was just the beginning of experiencing her genuine and caring nature. Beyond her initial friendliness, Mariam consistently demonstrates a remarkable level of kindness that permeates every interaction she has with others.

Her big heart extends to everyone in the office, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Mariam’s approach to communication is marked by sincerity, and she treats everyone with respect and consideration. She goes beyond the formalities of greetings, actively seeking to connect with both clients and team members on a personal level.

What sets Mariam apart is her unwavering commitment to help others. Her willingness to assist is not limited to certain tasks or specific individuals; instead, she opens her door of support to everyone in the office. This commitment stems from her genuine concern for the well-being of her colleagues and her belief in fostering a supportive community within the workplace.

In addition to her kindness, Mariam embodies qualities of integrity, honesty, transparency, and commitment. Her actions align with her words, creating an atmosphere of trust among her peers. Mariam is someone you can rely on, not just professionally but also on a personal level. Her honesty and transparency contribute to a workplace culture where open communication and trust are valued.

Mariam’s commitment to the team goes beyond the call of duty. She actively participates in building team cohesion and goes the extra mile to make a lasting impression. Her consistent smile reflects not only her positive demeanor but also her genuine passion for creating a positive and thriving work environment.

Her vision for a great working environment with pleasant relationships is not just a goal but a mission that she actively pursues. Mariam’s kindness is not just a surface-level gesture; it is the driving force behind her passion to enhance the workplace and make it better for everyone. Her commitment to humanity shines through in every action she takes, creating a workplace culture that stands as a testament to the power of compassion and teamwork.

In the end, Mariam White’s story is not just about a successful professional; it’s about a person who has discovered the profound impact of love in the workplace. As you navigate through her narrative, you may find yourself not only inspired by her leadership but also touched by the reminder that, in the midst of daily tasks and responsibilities, it is the love for our fellow human beings that truly makes a workplace extraordinary.


“Spontaneous LA Adventure”

Upon my arrival in the United States on April 5, 2023, my brother-in-law wasted no time and immediately planned a trip to the vibrant city of Los Angeles for April 11, 2023. With a few days to spare before the scheduled trip, I decided to explore the diverse landscapes and natural wonders that LA is renowned for.

Given my deep connection with water, my first stop was the charming beaches that adorn the coastline. As I basked in the sun, the rhythmic sounds of the waves provided a soothing backdrop. The scenic sunset view transformed the beach into a canvas of colors, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and introspection.

Eager to experience the city from a different perspective, I ventured to Runyon Canyon Park. The park offered invigorating hikes, allowing me to immerse myself in the beauty of nature while enjoying unparalleled views of the sprawling cityscape. The diverse flora surrounding the trails, coupled with the iconic Hollywood Sign in the distance, made every step a memorable journey.

Los Angeles, with its dynamic atmosphere and natural allure, captured my heart. From the tranquil moments by the beach to the adventurous hikes in the canyon, each experience added a layer to the beauty of my visit. As the sun set over the Pacific and the city lights began to twinkle, I couldn’t help but feel a profound connection with the enchanting city of Los Angeles. This spontaneous journey became a chapter of cherished memories, highlighting the diverse wonders that make LA a truly captivating destination.


“Managing People at Work”

On October 20, 2023, I outlined key objectives for FY 2024, including refining my people management skills. In just 36 days, I completed the Coursera program, “The Manager’s Toolkit,” enhancing my expertise in communication, leadership, performance management, and conflict resolution. This knowledge is invaluable for effective team collaboration and growth, and I look forward to applying it in my professional responsibilities.

Module 1: Introduction and Preparatory Reading

  • Overview:
  • Introduction to the course objectives and structure.
  • Importance of effective management in the workplace.
  • Preparatory Reading:
  • Recommended readings to provide a foundational understanding of management principles.
  • Topics may include historical perspectives on management, evolving trends, and key concepts.

Module 2: Interview Skills

  • Interview Techniques:
  • Strategies for conducting effective job interviews.
  • Understanding the importance of cultural fitness and diversity in the hiring process.
  • Selection Process:
  • Assessing candidate qualifications and potential.
  • Balancing technical skills with soft skills during the interview.

Module 3: Leadership and Decision Making

  • Leadership Styles:
  • Exploration of various leadership styles and their impact.
  • Identifying and developing personal leadership strengths.
  • Effective Decision Making:
  • Decision-making frameworks for managers.
  • Balancing intuition and data-driven decisions.

Module 4: Performance Management

  • Setting Expectations:
  • Establishing clear performance expectations and goals.
  • Aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
  • Feedback and Coaching:
  • Providing constructive feedback for performance improvement.
  • Techniques for coaching and developing team members.

Module 5: Pay as a Motivator

  • Compensation Strategies:
  • Understanding the role of pay and benefits in employee motivation.
  • Designing fair and competitive compensation structures.
  • Non-Monetary Motivators:
  • Exploring recognition, career development, and work-life balance as motivational factors.
  • Case studies on successful motivation strategies.

Module 6: Managing Conflict at Work

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies:
  • Identifying sources of conflict in the workplace.
  • Techniques for resolving conflicts and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Negotiation Skills:
  • Developing negotiation skills to address and resolve workplace disputes.
  • Understanding the art of compromise and collaboration.

I highly recommend all managers and supervisors to enroll in this course. It provides a thorough exploration of each module, seamlessly blending theoretical principles with practical applications.