I, Mohammad Ramin Khanzada, i was born on February 20, 1988, in Kabul, Afghanistan. I hold an MBA degree from Kazakh American Free University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, and a leadership diploma from the Institute of Leadership Development (ILD) and Jami High School in Herat. The choice of the surname Khanzada reflects my commitment to values such as integrity, compassion, and dignity, which hold spiritual significance. It symbolizes my dedication to personal growth and making a positive impact on the world, while also connecting me to a lineage of honorable individuals who upheld compassion, respect, and honor throughout history.

In 2013, I married Mariam Ahmadi, a remarkable woman whose kindness, passion, and exceptional qualities as an individual, partner, and mother have been a source of strength and support. Her love, compassion, and guidance have created a nurturing environment for our family. Mariam’s optimism and determination inspire me to strive for greatness, embodying love, kindness, and strength. I am grateful to have her as my wife.

I am blessed with two wonderful children: Niayesh Khanzada, born on December 2, 2024, and Mohammad Elyar Khanzada, born on April 13, 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. My wife’s unwavering support has been a pillar of strength as we navigate the journey of parenthood, providing our children with love and guidance.

During my academic journey, I pursued a bachelor’s degree at Bangalore University, specializing in English and political science. This path led me to join CRS, an organization dedicated to creating a positive impact. Further enhancing my leadership skills, I enrolled in the Institute for Leadership Development (ILD), where I gained self-awareness, acquired diverse leadership approaches, and embraced ethical conduct.

Through the Ambassador’s Small Grants Program and Counterpart International, I developed expertise in proposal writing, project management, and fundraising. As the I-PACS Program Manager, I prioritized gender perspectives and offered guidance to staff and civil society organizations (CSOs) in the areas of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, governance, and leadership. Approaching my role with dedication and a sense of purpose, I fostered collaboration and sustainable development, facing new challenges each day with the aim of driving positive change and empowering others.

My journey of education, leadership, and professional endeavors has shaped me into an individual equipped with wisdom, compassion, and foresight. I eagerly embrace new adventures and continue to contribute meaningfully to society.

In October 2012, I secured the position of Grants & Subcontracts Officer within the SIKA-West project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development. In this role, I managed over $5,000,000 in grant funding, ensuring effective implementation and compliance. I provided training and support to enhance capacity building and collaborated closely with the Grants, Subcontracts, and Compliance Manager to ensure transparency and accountability. My supervisor, Kara Dixon, played a pivotal role in shaping my professional journey, instilling in me the virtues of excellence and adherence to regulations. Her support during challenging times led to a recommendation letter that opened doors for new opportunities in the United States. In 2011, my wife and I faced challenges in finding employment due to limited English proficiency and experience, which was a common issue for many women and girls.

Motivated to address the issue of unemployment among fresh graduates, we established the Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE) in May 2012. Led by Mariam Ahmadi, WISE promotes women’s rights and empowerment through job creation, capacity building, and advocacy. Recognized by the Ministry of Economy, WISE has generated 53 jobs, prioritizing opportunities for talented females. Our journey embodies resilience and a commitment to fostering inclusivity and economic empowerment.

After the conclusion of the SIKA West Project in August 13, 2015, I faced unemployment for almost a year. However, a dear friend, Jamshid Sultanzada, came to my rescue on February 17, 2016. His company, PomTech ICT Solutions, offered me a position, demonstrating unwavering belief in my abilities. Jamshid’s guidance and support have been instrumental in my professional and personal growth, creating an environment where I feel valued and inspired. I am grateful for his continuous support and mentorship throughout the years.

In 2017, I assumed the role of a Grant Specialist within our organization, securing funding for our initiatives. I successfully obtained projects from DAI-Mushariket and MSI-AMANA Project, both funded by USAID, and formed a partnership with WASSA for a long-term project funded by BMZ German. Despite facing challenges, our team has made a lasting impact, striving for meaningful change in our communities.

In 2019, I embarked on a master’s degree program at Kazak American Free University (KAFU) through an agreement with the Institute for Leadership Development (ILD). Despite difficulties in completing my thesis, I dedicated myself to extensive research and revision, ultimately achieving a successful outcome. The completion of my master’s degree was a challenging journey, but I take pride in my perseverance and the quality of my thesis.

My early life was characterized by challenges, with limited resources and hardships. To support myself, I pursued vocational skills and worked as a tailor. Later, I became a technician, facing danger and traveling extensively to provide for my family. These experiences motivated me to establish our organization, with the support of Sultan Ahmad Aria, Mohammad Tariq Aziz, and Jamshid Sultanzada. Their contributions and collaboration have helped our organization grow and succeed. I am grateful for their generosity and belief in our mission, as their support and dedication have been invaluable throughout our journey.

Expressing deep reverence and gratitude, I acknowledge the Almighty for granting me existence and the ability to convey this message. I am eternally thankful to God for His blessings and to my mother, whose unwavering support has been a pillar in my life. Equally important is my father, whose guidance has shaped my character and directed me towards my goals.

Drawing from these influences, I aspire to lead a fulfilling and spiritually enriched life. With the mercy of God, I seek personal and collective success, constantly striving to be the best version of myself and supporting others on their own journeys.

Through the power of knowledge, we can discover ourselves, connect with God, and gain profound insights into the world. By utilizing our understanding, we can combat ignorance and spread wisdom, illuminating society with our voices and reaching even the farthest corners of the universe.

By exploring and studying the intricacies of the natural world, we can uncover its hidden beauty and enhance our understanding. Embracing the pen as a tool, as God has emphasized, allows us to acquire knowledge and improve the world around us. It empowers self-discovery, deepens our connection with God, and expands our understanding of His creation.

The habit of reading books has played a crucial role in my personal growth, enabling me to gain a better understanding of myself. I urge students to seize the opportunity to study, set goals, and make informed decisions to achieve success and inner peace.

The tapestry of my existence is woven by divine providence and maternal love, guided by the teachings of my father. This unique blend has shaped my character and endowed me with the ability to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

I express my gratitude to God and these cherished influences, seeking to preserve their legacies. By embodying the virtues and values instilled in me, I aspire to lead a life of purpose, integrity, and compassion. With the blessings of God, I will honor their teachings and leave a meaningful impact on the world.

In August 2021, war broke out in Herat, compelling me to leave my home. We sought refuge in Kabul but encountered further adversity. Eventually, we obtained visas for Pakistan, yet challenges persisted. Finally, we arrived in the United States through the SIV program, but adjusting to a new country proved difficult. I worked at a mechanical shop, acquiring new skills and embracing fresh opportunities. Finding suitable housing was a challenge, and we had to manage our finances carefully. I took on a food delivery job to support my family. Throughout this journey, I remained determined to overcome challenges and build a better future. Later, I joined the International Rescue Committee, initially as a case head and then as a caseworker, finding fulfillment in helping others.