“Managing People at Work”

On October 20, 2023, I outlined key objectives for FY 2024, including refining my people management skills. In just 36 days, I completed the Coursera program, “The Manager’s Toolkit,” enhancing my expertise in communication, leadership, performance management, and conflict resolution. This knowledge is invaluable for effective team collaboration and growth, and I look forward to applying it in my professional responsibilities.

Module 1: Introduction and Preparatory Reading

  • Overview:
  • Introduction to the course objectives and structure.
  • Importance of effective management in the workplace.
  • Preparatory Reading:
  • Recommended readings to provide a foundational understanding of management principles.
  • Topics may include historical perspectives on management, evolving trends, and key concepts.

Module 2: Interview Skills

  • Interview Techniques:
  • Strategies for conducting effective job interviews.
  • Understanding the importance of cultural fitness and diversity in the hiring process.
  • Selection Process:
  • Assessing candidate qualifications and potential.
  • Balancing technical skills with soft skills during the interview.

Module 3: Leadership and Decision Making

  • Leadership Styles:
  • Exploration of various leadership styles and their impact.
  • Identifying and developing personal leadership strengths.
  • Effective Decision Making:
  • Decision-making frameworks for managers.
  • Balancing intuition and data-driven decisions.

Module 4: Performance Management

  • Setting Expectations:
  • Establishing clear performance expectations and goals.
  • Aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
  • Feedback and Coaching:
  • Providing constructive feedback for performance improvement.
  • Techniques for coaching and developing team members.

Module 5: Pay as a Motivator

  • Compensation Strategies:
  • Understanding the role of pay and benefits in employee motivation.
  • Designing fair and competitive compensation structures.
  • Non-Monetary Motivators:
  • Exploring recognition, career development, and work-life balance as motivational factors.
  • Case studies on successful motivation strategies.

Module 6: Managing Conflict at Work

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies:
  • Identifying sources of conflict in the workplace.
  • Techniques for resolving conflicts and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Negotiation Skills:
  • Developing negotiation skills to address and resolve workplace disputes.
  • Understanding the art of compromise and collaboration.

I highly recommend all managers and supervisors to enroll in this course. It provides a thorough exploration of each module, seamlessly blending theoretical principles with practical applications.


“San Francisco”

The first time I landed in the U.S. back in April 2022. San Francisco was my grand entrance, stealing the spotlight in my travel story.

Picture this: the city isn’t just streets and buildings; it’s a living canvas painted with history and culture. Named after Saint Francis of Assisi, San Francisco carries the whispers of Spanish colonization and the echoes of Catholic missionaries. Wandering through its vibrant streets, I felt like I was dancing to the city’s rhythm. Galleries, theaters, and live music spots gave it a unique vibe.

Living in the heart of it, I discovered my love for exploring San Francisco’s delicious side. The Ferry Building Marketplace became my go-to spot – a food lover’s paradise with local treats turning every day into a feast.

And then, there’s the beauty. From the tall views at Twin Peaks to the chill scenes at Lands’ End, every corner feels like a page in a storybook. The mist around the Golden Gate Bridge? It wasn’t just fog; it was like nature’s big hug, making every peek a bit magical.

Weather chat? Summers were cool and misty, like living in a dream. Winters, easy and wet, painted a different but equally cool picture. And the neighborhoods? They’ve got their own vibes, making the city a melting pot.

But the real scoop is the people – a bunch from all over chilling in San Fran. The city’s all about being green, history in every street, and a new adventure every day.

When the sun dips low or the city lights up against the night sky, you get why I’m raving about these towers and buildings. It’s like a real-life light show, and San Francisco is the stage.

So, if you’re ever rolling through, keep those eyes peeled. San Francisco’s skyline is a sight to behold – a mix of old and new, classic and tech, creating a visual symphony that stays with you long after you’ve left the city. Keep exploring, my friends!


“Professional Journey with Mallissa”

On November 16, 2022, at the initiative of Mallissa Watts, the IRC team was invited to watch an Afghan documentary at the Metreon AMC theatre in San Francisco. That evening marked the first time I met Mallissa, and our encounter was underscored by the profound sadness of the documentary. We engaged in a brief conversation before entering the theater with the rest of the team.

The documentary’s portrayal of the struggles faced by people during and after the war in Afghanistan struck a deeply emotional chord, especially for me, as I watched the film while physically in Afghanistan. The scenes depicting individuals behind the airport gates, desperately seeking evacuation, resonated with the harsh realities I was witnessing in my home country.

As the movie unfolded, the emotions intensified, and I found myself unable to contain my tears. Each frame served as a poignant reminder of the challenges and hardships endured by the Afghan people, bringing the harsh reality of the situation to the forefront.

Throughout the year of working together in the same office and department, Mallissa consistently demonstrated qualities that set her apart. Her kind heart, combined with a wealth of knowledge and excellent organizational and time management skills, made her an invaluable member of our team. It was evident that she approached her work with dedication and a genuine desire to contribute positively.

In the hustle of the office, Mallissa’s warmth was a constant presence. Whenever I encountered her, she never failed to greet me with a friendly “Hi, Khanzada.” This simple gesture created a welcoming atmosphere and showcased her personable nature. Her ability to connect with colleagues on a personal level contributed to a harmonious and collaborative work environment.

In our professional interactions, Mallissa’s passion for supporting refugees shone through consistently. Her commitment to facilitating their journey to start new lives in the United States was not merely a job duty but a heartfelt mission. Whether through brainstorming sessions, meetings, or casual conversations, her ideas were always thoughtful and geared towards making a lasting positive impact on the lives of those seeking refuge.

One thing that truly impressed me about Mallissa is her remarkable skill set. She exhibits a high level of organizational ethic, excels as a communicator, and consistently applies organizational principles when working with everyone around her. Beyond her professional attributes, Mallissa shines as an excellent mother and is exceptionally friendly.

What sets Mallissa apart is her positive mindset and remarkable attitude. She has an incredible ability to see the good things in people and is always ready to lend a helping hand to others. Her genuine willingness to support and uplift those around her makes her not only a valuable professional but also an outstanding individual.

In October 2023, Mallissa resigned from her position as the AIRS Resettlement Coordinator and encouraged me to apply for the role. Upon successfully passing the interview and being hired as the Resettlement Coordinator, Mallissa congratulated me with these encouraging words: “Congratulations!!! I was really rooting for you and admire your incredible work ethic, positive attitude, and kindness with both clients and colleagues. I can’t think of a better person for this role!”

Her words were truly energizing and inspired me to reflect on my experience working with Mallissa. She has been an exceptional leader and team player, consistently demonstrating a positive attitude, remarkable work ethic, and kindness in her interactions with both clients and colleagues. Mallissa’s support has been instrumental in my journey, and her example continues to shape my approach to the role.


“Transforming with Nonviolent Communication”

In 2019, as I delved into a thought-provoking book on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I was reminded of the profound importance of communication in our lives. It struck me that as human beings, we should be ever-mindful of our words and the manner in which we interact with others. This mindfulness is essential to prevent unintended harm.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) serves as a powerful tool for transformative communication. It equips individuals with the skills to communicate more effectively, promoting clarity in expression, empathetic listening, and peaceful conflict resolution. NVC emphasizes empathy and understanding, building trust by genuinely listening to feelings and needs.

Our communication extends beyond mere words; it encompasses our body language and the expressions we wear. Even the choice of words in our everyday discourse can have a tremendous impact. Words possess the incredible power to uplift and inspire, just as they can shatter and dishearten. This revelation taught me the value of harnessing the influence of positive communication.

NVC provides a structured approach to conflict resolution, steering away from aggression and blame. It fosters self-awareness, allowing individuals to recognize their own emotions and unmet needs, contributing to personal growth. By practicing NVC, individuals develop greater compassion, both for themselves and others, leading to more harmonious relationships and a more peaceful world. NVC is not limited to personal interactions; it is equally applicable in parenting and educational settings, enhancing communication with children and students, creating environments that support emotional growth and learning.

Positive words, in particular, hold remarkable power. They have the ability to light up someone’s day, offer encouragement, and foster a sense of belonging. The deliberate use of positivity in our conversations can transform relationships and create a more harmonious environment. By choosing our words with care and empathy, we can build bridges, offer support, and uplift those around us.

Therefore, striving for accurate and positive communication should be our ongoing mission. We must remember that our words, our tone, and our actions all shape the way others perceive us and the world around them. When someone shares their thoughts with us, it’s vital to be fully present – mentally, physically, and emotionally. In doing so, we not only acknowledge their importance, but we also open the door to deeper, more meaningful connections.

In essence, let us recognize the extraordinary power of our words and actions, and let Nonviolent Communication (NVC) be our guiding light in achieving positive transformation. By practicing NVC and choosing positivity in our interactions, we can create a world filled with understanding, compassion, and genuine connection, contributing to a more peaceful and connected global community.


“Inspiring Work with the IRC”

My career with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) has been a truly profound and transformative journey. As an immigrant who overcame the daunting challenges of starting fresh in the United States, having escaped the devastation caused by the Taliban in Afghanistan, I have gained a deep understanding of the resilience and strength that individuals in similar circumstances possess. This experience has been a source of inspiration and motivation, reminding me that no challenge is too great to conquer and that with determination and support, we can all build a brighter future.

My personal experiences have driven me to extend a helping hand to others confronted with comparable struggles. My journey with the IRC commenced on July 5, 2022, when I joined as a Caseworker Assistant. Right from the outset, I was profoundly inspired by the impactful work of IRC staff in their mission to resettle refugees in the United States. During my onboarding, I diligently familiarized myself with all of IRC’s policies and procedures. The IRC’s mission resonated deeply within me, as it is dedicated to bringing about tangible and lasting change in people’s lives. This mission fuels my desire to contribute my skills and passion to this noble cause.

While my career had primarily been centered in Afghanistan, my humanitarian journey aligns perfectly with the IRC’s mission, reflecting a deep commitment to helping people in crisis. Each day, I draw strength from the challenges I encounter in my role, and this strength was evident when I was promoted to the position of Caseworker on September 1, 2022. Over the course of a year, I devoted myself to my work with love and passion. Despite the numerous challenges that come with being a caseworker, I found immense satisfaction in helping 31 families find their new homes.

Following a year of dedication and a job well done, I was presented with a new opportunity to serve as a Resettlement Coordinator. After a successful interview, I gladly accepted the offer and embarked on my new role on October 16, 2023. This new position is incredibly challenging, and I wholeheartedly embrace these challenges with enthusiasm. Each day, I am enriched and educated in new ways, and I continue to learn and grow.

What truly makes my work with the IRC extraordinary is the organization’s core belief that we hold the dreams of other people in our hands. This belief gives my life a profound sense of purpose, and it’s the reason I wake up every single morning with a renewed determination to make a positive impact. The results of our collective efforts, driven by the IRC’s unwavering mission, are nothing short of fantastic.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey with the IRC is the profound sense of connection I have cultivated with my colleagues. The individuals working in this organization are not merely professionals; they are people from diverse cultures of highly educated, skilled, and dedicated individuals. Their unwavering support and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in my growth and the success of our shared vision to help refugees. Each day, I am surrounded by compassionate and like-minded individuals who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

This camaraderie and shared dedication are the foundation of the IRC’s impact. Together, we strive to provide refugees with the hope, support, and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. As I continue my journey with the IRC, I am continually inspired by the remarkable individuals I have the privilege to work with. I am excited about the enduring impact we can create together, and I look forward to each day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


“Career Growth with Ms. Amina at IRC”

In July 2022, I began my new career in the United States with the esteemed International Rescue Committee (IRC) in a short-term employment role that spanned three months. During this time, I had the privilege of connecting with a diverse network of individuals, and each day was immensely enjoyable. Within a few days, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Amina, who had recently been promoted to the role of Resettlement Coordinator.

My initial impression of Ms. Amina was that she possessed an incredible work ethic, a positive attitude, and a kind demeanor towards both clients and colleagues. As days turned into weeks, I had the opportunity to work under her supervision. It became apparent that she not only had strong leadership qualities but also a deep passion for fostering a cohesive team.

Towards the end of my initial assignment, another opportunity presented itself, and Ms. Amina encouraged me to take on the role of an R&P Caseworker. I was drawn to this job as it aligned with my desire to help refugees, and I admired Ms. Amina’s strong leadership and dedication to building a robust team.

Starting in this new role brought with it fresh challenges and increased responsibilities. I was fortunate to have Ms. Amina as my supervisor, always ready to answer questions and provide the support needed to deliver high-quality services to our clients. I worked under her supervision for nearly one year and half, during which time I found her to be supportive, courteous, knowledgeable, transparent, and unwavering in her integrity.

On September 15, 2023, an opportunity arose for the position of Resettlement Coordinator. I sought Ms. Amina’s counsel, and she encouraged me to apply, assuring me that I was well-deserving of the opportunity. After a successful interview, I was selected for the role and began my new journey as a Resettlement Coordinator within the IRC on 10/16,2023.

I am pleased to acknowledge Ms. Amina as a valued collaborator in my career at IRC. She is a remarkable team player, characterized by her integrity, punctuality, and the ability to maintain a positive demeanor even during challenging times. Her exemplary leadership skills, proactive nature, charm, organizational abilities, dedication, and competence make her stand out.


“Embrace the Journey”

Each day, I wake up with a profound sense of purpose and inner strength. I am strong, not just in body but also in mind. I am not merely alive; I am thriving, experiencing life to its fullest. My physical well-being is at its peak, and I am filled with boundless energy.

My life is a canvas of passion and purpose, where I pour my heart into every endeavor. I take joy in the journey. My talents are a wellspring of creativity, and I cherish my work. I give it my all, continually learning and growing with the help of my dedicated colleagues. I maintain nurturing relationships with those around me and use my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world.

Confidence radiates from me, an unwavering and magnetic force that draws others nearby. My personality exudes happiness, and I infuse every moment with delight. People are naturally drawn to me, finding joy in my presence.

My commitment to excellence is the guiding star in all that I do. Anchored by unwavering integrity, success is not a destination but a way of life. Prosperity is my constant companion, and my future brims with promise.

As I gaze into the future, I see a legacy that will inspire generations yet to come. My children thrive in the world I have helped build, and my influence will linger long after my time. Every step I take is purposeful, an opportunity for greatness.

I am blessed beyond measure, and each day ushers in new victories. This is my truth, embraced with open arms. I find deep self-satisfaction in my daily life, the people around me, and my ability to make a positive impact on others. Life is a breathtaking journey, and I am a joyful traveler, ready to share the energy of optimism and possibility with all those I encounter.


“Herat Earthquake: A Tale of Resilience”

The Herat earthquake that shook my homeland on October 5, 2023, marked a moment of profound awakening and heart-wrenching sorrow. It was a seismic tragedy that left an indelible mark on my soul.

As I watched the devastating videos of the earthquake’s aftermath, my heart sank. The images of thousands of people buried beneath the earth, their lives tragically cut short, and the sight of innocent children, boys with dreams unfulfilled, now resting beneath the unforgiving soil, brought tears that flowed uncontrollably. Their pain was immeasurable, and my helplessness felt infinite.

In the wake of this catastrophe, my homeland was thrown into turmoil. Thousands were left homeless, with their lives shattered, and a sense of despair loomed. The relentless aftershocks served as constant reminders of the unpredictability and fragility of human existence.

Amid this devastation, a somber truth emerged, reminding me of life’s most treasured yet simplest gifts:

  1. Family’s Health: The well-being of our loved ones is the most valuable possession we have. Their safety and health are beyond price.
  2. A Shelter to Call Home: A secure, stable place to live offers not just physical protection but a sanctuary of comfort and belonging.
  3. Financial Stability: Having the means to access basic necessities provides not just sustenance but also dignity and peace of mind.
  4. Means of Transportation: A car, for instance, signifies more than mobility; it embodies the freedom to explore and seek opportunities.
  5. Employment: A job represents not just a paycheck but also purpose, personal growth, and a chance to make a meaningful impact.

In the wake of such profound loss, the recognition of these fundamental aspects of life is a reminder of our shared vulnerability and humanity. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the fragility of life and offer solemn prayers of gratitude for the blessings we often take for granted.

The Herat earthquake unveiled the depths of human resilience, the significance of unity during adversity, and the enduring strength of the human spirit, born from even the darkest of hours. It was a moment of profound sorrow, yet also a call to cherish the simple yet priceless gifts life bestows upon us.


“The Tears Unseen: My Journey as an Immigrant”

Immigration, a leap from the familiar into the unknown, is an incredible odyssey filled with trials and triumphs. It’s a journey that weaves a tapestry of human resilience. As someone who embarked on this life-altering journey, even with the privilege of a Special Immigration visa, the path to a new homeland was far from a cakewalk. This is the tale of my own immigrant experience.

Leaving Behind the Past: The decision to leave one’s homeland is a heart-wrenching one. It’s a departure from the place that cradled our dreams, echoed our laughter, and absorbed our tears.

The tears of separation begin here.

Perilous Crossings: When the war erupted in Herat, my journey began. I initially left Herat province for Kabul, but when the capital too descended into chaos and Afghanistan fell under the control of the Taliban, I decided to flee to Pakistan. The journey was far from easy; it was a perilous path riddled with uncertainty. I made my way to the Torkham border, but I received advice from my friend against proceeding that way, as it could have cost me my life. The border was overcrowded with people desperate to leave the country at any cost. Pakistan was becoming increasingly unwelcoming, and this journey was filled with dark nights and sleepless hours. I carried the weight of my fears and sorrows, feeling the searing pain in my shoulders, while my tears mixed with the saltwater from my eyes.

In the end, I found my way to Pakistan through an airland route, a costly but unbelievable journey. Each ticket for a member of my small family came at the price of 1200 dollars. It was a harrowing path, etched with fear and suffering, and every step was a testament to the unyielding human spirit against insurmountable odds.

When we arrived in Pakistan on October 27, 2021, I was filled with a sense of relief and accomplishment. It seemed like we had finally made it to a safer place. We headed to the hotel that had been arranged for us by a friend. However, the reality was starkly different from our expectations. The hotel was in a state of chaos, everything was unclean and unsanitary, the windows lacked screens, and an unpleasant odor filled the air. To our dismay, there was no bathroom, and that night turned out to be one of the most challenging experiences for every member of our family.

We couldn’t bear to stay there any longer, and after that difficult night, we managed to secure a better hotel. Eventually, we found a house through the help of my friend. Fortunately, he had moved to Doha, and we were able to stay in the apartment he had vacated. We spent a month there before renting another apartment. During our time in Pakistan, we went through some of the toughest moments of our lives. We struggled with limited finances, language barriers, and the constant worry about our expired visas.

I was in constant communication with the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, desperately seeking a way out. It wasn’t easy, but I persevered, and we were eventually included in the onward flights. Finally, on January 29, 2022, we managed to evacuate to Doha, which was a beacon of hope after enduring such challenging times.

Struggles in Camp: As we arrived at the U.S. Army camp in Doha, a glimmer of hope danced in my heart, with the belief that the path ahead would be easier. However, the stark reality quickly unfolded. Our arrival, late into the night at around 10:00 PM, was met with six long hours of scrutiny and biometric checks, all part of essential security clearance procedures.

That night, the camp was bursting at the seams, and resources were in short supply. We found shelter, and each day brought a different menu of meals. Physically secure, yes, but mentally, it was an entirely different landscape. The camp felt like a pressure cooker, with stress and uncertainty hanging thick in the air. Background checks for everyone were thorough and necessary but only added to our collective anxiety.

A challenging ordeal awaited those who tested positive for Covid-19. They were isolated in separate tents for a week until a retest could be conducted, a process that only intensified the collective tension. In the camp, there was no solace, no place to visit, and no friends to turn to. Tensions often boiled over among some of the Afghan men, further darkening the atmosphere. Regrettably, some members of our community behaved poorly towards each other, engaging in fights that highlighted the shared emotional struggles we faced.

But through it all, we persevered, and our patience eventually bore fruit. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provided us with visas and flight schedules for April 5, 2022. This marked the beginning of the next chapter in our journey, one that held the promise of a brighter future. A future we embraced with hope, despite the trials that had come before, and one that readers can’t help but be drawn into, sharing our collective determination to overcome the odds.

Upon our arrival in the United States, our hearts swelled with the hope of embracing a better life. Those initial weeks were a joyful chapter, and we found a haven of hospitality at the home of my dear friend, Hasib Jan, who extended his warmth to us.

As the weeks evolved into months, the challenge of securing an apartment loomed. I must have ventured to nearly 50 or 55 leasing offices, only to be thwarted by the stringent criteria, especially the demands related to credit and income. Finding a co-signer, too, was a formidable task, burdened with its own requirements.

However, just when our resolve was being tested, a glimmer of hope materialized. We crossed paths with a fellow Afghan who managed a leasing office, and his assistance led us to a place to call home. The catch? The rent was steep, presenting a financial hurdle.

Here, the plot takes a twist. A generous Jewish family, who had been a pillar of support throughout my journey, came to our rescue. They offered us two months’ worth of rent, a lifeline that brightened the early days of our adventure.

The journey continues, and our story is far from over. Join us as we navigate the highs and lows of immigrant life, where every challenge met is a step toward a brighter future.

Language Barriers: Even though I was proficient in English, everything in this new land felt wonderfully strange. The sheer novelty of it occasionally brought an unspoken emotion that left me teary-eyed. An insurmountable language barrier, like an invisible wall, separated me from the vast opportunities in this unfamiliar world. The challenge of communicating and fitting in as if I were a native speaker created a profound silence within me, touching my very soul. To bridge this gap, I embarked on the journey of self-learning English, a path I continue to tread each day, driven by the desire to refine my language skills.

Cultural Chasms: The sheer unfamiliarity of this new culture was an overwhelming experience. Every custom, every tradition, every social norm seemed like a puzzle to be solved. I carried with me a profound sense of being an outsider, a feeling that added an extra layer of complexity to our journey. However, this only fueled my determination to integrate into this society. I began reaching out to people, exploring the intricacies of this new world, and diving deep into its rich tapestry, making the journey all the more enriching and enjoyable. I’m committed to continuing my cultural exploration, striving to become more inclusive and enriched by this diverse and dynamic society.

The Emotional Toll: The weight of grief, loss, and homesickness becomes evident in our unspoken tears. It’s a heavy burden to bear, one that casts a shadow over our days. The isolation we experience is a silent struggle, hidden from view, particularly challenging for newcomers. This feeling is a constant companion, especially when thoughts of my family members back in Afghanistan weigh heavily on my heart. It’s a journey fraught with unspoken emotions, and the path to healing is often a long and arduous one.

Economic Hardships: The challenges etched deep lines on my face when I first arrived in this new land. I had next to nothing, but with the support of my friends, I managed to purchase a modest car that could serve my daily needs. I began working as a food delivery driver, all in the pursuit of economic stability.

At one point, I even ventured into opening a small mechanic shop. Repairing cars was an unfamiliar territory for me, and I experienced some of the most trying moments of my life during this endeavor. But my determination never wavered, and I persevered. Eventually, I found employment with a very professional organization, the IRC, working as a caseworker. It was a turning point in my journey toward rebuilding my life and finding a sense of economic stability.

Yet, even after securing a job with the IRC, which was my desired organization to work for, I continued to drive for Lyft. Life in this new land is undeniably expensive, and I had to put in extra hours during weekends to make ends meet, pay bills, and cover my rental payments. The road to financial stability was long and challenging, but I was determined to forge ahead.

The Pain of Separation: While life is gradually improving, it’s impossible to overlook the most poignant tears shed when I had to be separated from my family. The pain of being far from my loved ones is a wound that time finds almost impossible to heal. Each passing day only magnifies the ache in my heart, a reminder of the immense sacrifices made and the enduring love that fuels my journey.

Persisting Dreams: Through all these relentless hardships, I continue to persist. As I set foot on foreign shores, my heart brims with hope for a better life, a safer haven, and a future aglow with promise. My journey is a tapestry woven with unyielding tears, hidden beneath layers of indomitable strength and unwavering resilience.

These unspoken tears of immigration tell a compelling story a narrative of struggle, hope, and a determination that refuses to be quelled. Immigration is a path that, though often lined with tears, stands as a testament to the enduring human spirit, an unwavering quest for a life free from fear and conflict. It’s a journey marked by courage, resilience, and the unbreakable human will to persevere and find solace in the arms of hope.


“The Essence of Friendship”

Friendship, often regarded as one of life’s most enigmatic treasures, defies simple explanation. It eludes the confines of traditional education, yet its comprehension is a cornerstone of wisdom. True friendship transcends mere comfort, urging us to ascend to greater heights. Among its most profound revelations is the ability to evolve individually while maintaining a profound connection. Each friend becomes a unique universe within us, one that might remain dormant until their arrival, birthing new worlds through the alchemy of companionship.

Friendship isn’t just a word or an idea to me; it’s a tapestry of beautiful moments, shared laughter, and enduring support that weaves through the fabric of my existence. The bonds I share with my friends are not just important; they are the very heartbeats of my life. The warmth of their presence and the shared experiences have illuminated my path in countless ways. If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything at all.

Missing My Friends

I would like to take a moment to express how deeply I miss all my friends, particularly Mohammad Tariq Aziz, who is currently facing an incredibly challenging situation in the aftermath of the fall of Afghanistan. This has led to considerable social and economic turmoil, and he is in need of strong support to find a new home in another country. I also miss Sultan Ahmad Aria, who is currently in the UK, pursuing his PhD. Fortunately, my other close friends, including Jamhid Sultanzada, Dr. Masood Joya, Mohammad Hasib Hafizy, Dawood Sohail, and others, who are too numerous to name, are nearby in the United States. They are my cherished treasures.

A Void of Absence

My beloved family, brothers, and friends, your absence creates a void that cannot be filled by anything else. The memories we’ve created, the challenges we’ve conquered together, and the love we’ve shared continue to ignite my spirit. Each of you holds a special place in my heart.

As I reflect on the times we’ve spent together, I’m reminded of the joy, the tears, and the endless laughter we’ve shared. These are the threads that have woven our friendship into a tapestry of love and understanding. My heart aches for the day when we can reunite, embrace, and continue creating beautiful moments together.

Until that day comes, please know that you are always in my thoughts, and my love for each of you grows stronger with each passing day. Our friendship is a treasure that time cannot diminish, and it’s a source of immeasurable joy in my life. I eagerly await the day when we can gather once more and create new memories, for you are the most beautiful chapters in my life’s story.