“Inspiring Work with the IRC”

My career with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) has been a truly profound and transformative journey. As an immigrant who overcame the daunting challenges of starting fresh in the United States, having escaped the devastation caused by the Taliban in Afghanistan, I have gained a deep understanding of the resilience and strength that individuals in similar circumstances possess. This experience has been a source of inspiration and motivation, reminding me that no challenge is too great to conquer and that with determination and support, we can all build a brighter future.

My personal experiences have driven me to extend a helping hand to others confronted with comparable struggles. My journey with the IRC commenced on July 5, 2022, when I joined as a Caseworker Assistant. Right from the outset, I was profoundly inspired by the impactful work of IRC staff in their mission to resettle refugees in the United States. During my onboarding, I diligently familiarized myself with all of IRC’s policies and procedures. The IRC’s mission resonated deeply within me, as it is dedicated to bringing about tangible and lasting change in people’s lives. This mission fuels my desire to contribute my skills and passion to this noble cause.

While my career had primarily been centered in Afghanistan, my humanitarian journey aligns perfectly with the IRC’s mission, reflecting a deep commitment to helping people in crisis. Each day, I draw strength from the challenges I encounter in my role, and this strength was evident when I was promoted to the position of Caseworker on September 1, 2022. Over the course of a year, I devoted myself to my work with love and passion. Despite the numerous challenges that come with being a caseworker, I found immense satisfaction in helping 31 families find their new homes.

Following a year of dedication and a job well done, I was presented with a new opportunity to serve as a Resettlement Coordinator. After a successful interview, I gladly accepted the offer and embarked on my new role on October 16, 2023. This new position is incredibly challenging, and I wholeheartedly embrace these challenges with enthusiasm. Each day, I am enriched and educated in new ways, and I continue to learn and grow.

What truly makes my work with the IRC extraordinary is the organization’s core belief that we hold the dreams of other people in our hands. This belief gives my life a profound sense of purpose, and it’s the reason I wake up every single morning with a renewed determination to make a positive impact. The results of our collective efforts, driven by the IRC’s unwavering mission, are nothing short of fantastic.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey with the IRC is the profound sense of connection I have cultivated with my colleagues. The individuals working in this organization are not merely professionals; they are people from diverse cultures of highly educated, skilled, and dedicated individuals. Their unwavering support and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in my growth and the success of our shared vision to help refugees. Each day, I am surrounded by compassionate and like-minded individuals who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

This camaraderie and shared dedication are the foundation of the IRC’s impact. Together, we strive to provide refugees with the hope, support, and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. As I continue my journey with the IRC, I am continually inspired by the remarkable individuals I have the privilege to work with. I am excited about the enduring impact we can create together, and I look forward to each day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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