“Journey of Gratitude”

In the journey of life, no one travels alone. Undoubtedly, numerous individuals join us in this journey, walking alongside us, as no one can progress alone or without connections with others. This diverse and challenging journey leads us to harmonize with various individuals. In this path, we not only witness those who walk beside us but also influence others with our decisions and actions. It is essential to appreciate and acknowledge our connections and shared will from the beginning to the last moments of this journey.

The commencement of my life’s journey begins with the blessings of my dear family, where my beloved parents, Al-Haj Abdul Qayum Sakha and Nazifeh Wafa, shaped my life with love and kindness, providing profound guidance. Additionally, my siblings, especially my dear brothers and sister, my Father-in-law Abdul Sami and my lovely aunt, have always been the starting point of support and positive intentions in my heart. This family is a constant and powerful anchor that has enriched my life with stable relationships and boundless love.

I express heartfelt gratitude to the numerous educators who stood as mentors throughout my educational journey, from elementary school to Master level studies. These esteemed mentors not only enhanced my scientific knowledge but also guided me towards progress and development with quality teachings. Moreover, I am grateful to dear friends like Tareq, Jamsheed, Sultan Ahmed Aria, Basit Ahmadi, and others who introduced me to the world of knowledge. Their support and companionship helped me navigate the marvelous path of learning.

The love and joy derived from my dear wife and two children, Niayesh Jan and Mohammad Elyar Jan, make my life more valuable and significant than anything else. In every moment spent with this beloved small family, I feel grateful and content.

When I spend time with my children and wife, I sense that time is our most precious asset, and this close bond strengthens us. Additionally, my wife, through cooking delicious homemade meals, symbolizes love and care, consistently striving to create a festival of flavors and warm home memories for us. This ongoing hospitality and patience in cooking reflect a will that cannot easily be overlooked.

Alongside all these commendable aspects of life, sometimes life, amidst the storms of transformations, encounters challenges and pressures. Hence, it is crucial to fully benefit from the love and support of our spouse and children. My wife, Maryam Jan, is not only my life partner but an exceptional companion who is present in every moment of life. My two beloved children also play a vital role in creating sweet and meaningful moments in life.

Life in America and the challenging world today is not without its challenges and complex prospects. As I strive with passion and hope to achieve my short-term and long-term goals, responsibilities and expectations become challenging. Nevertheless, most importantly, I express appreciation and gratitude to my wife, who patiently and diligently stands by my side, encouraging me to continue the path of goal setting and serving immigrants.

Furthermore, the presence of dear individuals like Dr. Sahib Joya, Hasib Jan Hafizi, and the kind-hearted, especially the family of Jamshid Jan Sultan Zada, in America is highly valuable to me. Their support and presence motivate me to continue my successful journey of goal setting and serving immigrants with dedication and success.

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