“International Women’s Day”

Today, on March 8th, a festival of love and respect for women unfolds—a day where I marvel at the feminine virtues and values with a glance full of wonder and delight. In this vast and dynamic world, every corner of beauty that catches my eye leaves me in awe.

When I gaze at the sea, I uncover the secrets of its hidden beauties. In the sea, anything named “ocean” or “shell” initiates a beautiful and feminine story. In the garden, with scattered flowers like “daffodils,” “jasmine,” “violet,” and “blossom,” spring displays its freshness. Each of these flowers takes on a beautiful and feminine name, adding a sweet melody to any moment in life.

Even on the snow-covered peaks, looking at the mountains reveals precious stones like gold, silver, turquoise, and diamonds, all named after women. These beautiful and feminine names bear witness to hidden beauties in every aspect of life.

In a perspective where the sky, like a beautiful book, narrates endless tales of beauty and kindness, I glance at these celestial elevations. Each of these points in the sky has taken a beautiful and glorious feminine name. “Saturn,” with its beautiful and romantic rings, enchants life with tranquility and adornment. “Venus,” with its radiant beauty, plays a crucial role in capturing our attention and proudly identifies itself as a beautiful flower. “Uranus,” with a sky full of secrets and energy, like a celestial blue whale, leads us to a new world of beautiful and delightful stories. “Moon,” like an endless hero in creation, with its beautiful and gentle light, takes on a soothing and feminine name.

As I look at books and absorb the essence of people’s expressions, names like “praise,” “devotion,” and “adoration” settle in my heart like deep and amazing treasures. These names each bring a special and captivating story of life to me. The definition of a woman, like a mirror reflecting beauty, with these names, reveals a world full of love, effort, and ideals.

In the most magical seasons of life, each name alone is a work of art depicting the beauty and feminine power. “Praise,” with its meaning of admiration and commendation, orders every beautiful song of love and emotions in my mind. “Devotion,” like a calm and delightful melody, conveys every singer’s voice of their life to me. “Adoration,” with its warm and pleasant weight, presents any view of beauty and attention to me.

In this magical world of names, each one as a unique masterpiece of life brings a story full of tales and emotions. Each name, like a beautiful flower scattered in the garden of life, makes my heart lively and hopeful.

Looking at poetry, I am amazed at how the world’s most famous poets harmonize love and beauty with the name “woman.” Every verse that comes out of their mouths sets a sweet melody of love and the epic of feminine life dancing in my heart, filling it with gentle and delightful notes.

When I look at music, I see that artists around the world create romantic love songs as sharp as a woman’s dagger. Their voices, like the soft and pleasant melody of a gentle note, dance in the night sky and immerse my thoughts in the magic of love. With every note, they cast a romantic scent of themselves into the world and draw my heart into the whispers of gentle and soothing love.

If I look at the meaning of life, a world without the presence of women is unbearable. A woman is the essence of existence, the hidden beauty behind the curtain of humanity. A woman’s presence in the world, as a kindness in every aspect, creates a magic that, whenever reminded, leads us to the wonder of love and beauty.

A woman is the most wonderful aspect of the world. Everything in this world is named after a woman. A woman is not only hope and life, but also pure love, growing day by day. She plays a key role in the face of life and, every moment of her existence, brings forth a new romantic story to the world.

Just the fragrance of a woman’s sweet scent passing through the air turns all of life into poetry. The definition of a woman, like a mirror of beauty, with these names, shows me a world full of love, effort, and ideals.

May the day come when women in the heart of Afghanistan, like free birds, proudly soar toward the sky of freedom. In this vast spectrum of life, may they choose the right to be present in the professional world as they wish and engage in it wholeheartedly.

In their schools, may the light of education spread as a bright pear blossom, so they can benefit from knowledge and life’s horizons. The right to education in any field they desire should always be accessible to them, allowing them to enjoy the beauties and melodies of the diverse world of knowledge.

Moreover, in the job market, may women, with their creativity and capabilities, play their role as traders, entrepreneurs, and active contributors to their society’s economy. The right to participate in any fountain of economic and business dynamism is not only a necessity for Afghanistan’s vibrancy but also a tangible requirement for the rise of their nation on the international stage.

This grand wish not only reflects the struggles of women in Afghanistan for their fundamental rights but also highlights the incredible potential and power shining within every woman. This literary and emotional perspective is an endless support to the vulnerable and courageous assistants of these life stories, whose melodies of ideals, hope, and self-discovery resonate in the heart of Afghanistan’s beautiful blossoms.

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