“Herat Earthquake: A Tale of Resilience”

The Herat earthquake that shook my homeland on October 5, 2023, marked a moment of profound awakening and heart-wrenching sorrow. It was a seismic tragedy that left an indelible mark on my soul.

As I watched the devastating videos of the earthquake’s aftermath, my heart sank. The images of thousands of people buried beneath the earth, their lives tragically cut short, and the sight of innocent children, boys with dreams unfulfilled, now resting beneath the unforgiving soil, brought tears that flowed uncontrollably. Their pain was immeasurable, and my helplessness felt infinite.

In the wake of this catastrophe, my homeland was thrown into turmoil. Thousands were left homeless, with their lives shattered, and a sense of despair loomed. The relentless aftershocks served as constant reminders of the unpredictability and fragility of human existence.

Amid this devastation, a somber truth emerged, reminding me of life’s most treasured yet simplest gifts:

  1. Family’s Health: The well-being of our loved ones is the most valuable possession we have. Their safety and health are beyond price.
  2. A Shelter to Call Home: A secure, stable place to live offers not just physical protection but a sanctuary of comfort and belonging.
  3. Financial Stability: Having the means to access basic necessities provides not just sustenance but also dignity and peace of mind.
  4. Means of Transportation: A car, for instance, signifies more than mobility; it embodies the freedom to explore and seek opportunities.
  5. Employment: A job represents not just a paycheck but also purpose, personal growth, and a chance to make a meaningful impact.

In the wake of such profound loss, the recognition of these fundamental aspects of life is a reminder of our shared vulnerability and humanity. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the fragility of life and offer solemn prayers of gratitude for the blessings we often take for granted.

The Herat earthquake unveiled the depths of human resilience, the significance of unity during adversity, and the enduring strength of the human spirit, born from even the darkest of hours. It was a moment of profound sorrow, yet also a call to cherish the simple yet priceless gifts life bestows upon us.


“The Essence of Friendship”

Friendship, often regarded as one of life’s most enigmatic treasures, defies simple explanation. It eludes the confines of traditional education, yet its comprehension is a cornerstone of wisdom. True friendship transcends mere comfort, urging us to ascend to greater heights. Among its most profound revelations is the ability to evolve individually while maintaining a profound connection. Each friend becomes a unique universe within us, one that might remain dormant until their arrival, birthing new worlds through the alchemy of companionship.

Friendship isn’t just a word or an idea to me; it’s a tapestry of beautiful moments, shared laughter, and enduring support that weaves through the fabric of my existence. The bonds I share with my friends are not just important; they are the very heartbeats of my life. The warmth of their presence and the shared experiences have illuminated my path in countless ways. If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything at all.

Missing My Friends

I would like to take a moment to express how deeply I miss all my friends, particularly Mohammad Tariq Aziz, who is currently facing an incredibly challenging situation in the aftermath of the fall of Afghanistan. This has led to considerable social and economic turmoil, and he is in need of strong support to find a new home in another country. I also miss Sultan Ahmad Aria, who is currently in the UK, pursuing his PhD. Fortunately, my other close friends, including Jamhid Sultanzada, Dr. Masood Joya, Mohammad Hasib Hafizy, Dawood Sohail, and others, who are too numerous to name, are nearby in the United States. They are my cherished treasures.

A Void of Absence

My beloved family, brothers, and friends, your absence creates a void that cannot be filled by anything else. The memories we’ve created, the challenges we’ve conquered together, and the love we’ve shared continue to ignite my spirit. Each of you holds a special place in my heart.

As I reflect on the times we’ve spent together, I’m reminded of the joy, the tears, and the endless laughter we’ve shared. These are the threads that have woven our friendship into a tapestry of love and understanding. My heart aches for the day when we can reunite, embrace, and continue creating beautiful moments together.

Until that day comes, please know that you are always in my thoughts, and my love for each of you grows stronger with each passing day. Our friendship is a treasure that time cannot diminish, and it’s a source of immeasurable joy in my life. I eagerly await the day when we can gather once more and create new memories, for you are the most beautiful chapters in my life’s story.


“The Power of Integrity”

In the tapestry of life, my father’s teachings unfolded like a profound journey into the essence of my character, transcending the trappings of power and status. He had an unwavering conviction, I value his wisdom in my heart that genuine strength resides not solely in physical might, but in the depth of one’s restraint and humility. In the corridors of great authority, he reminded me tirelessly that our humanity is marked by imperfections and vulnerabilities. It’s in acknowledging these limitations and embracing the potential for growth that we reveal the true colors of maturity and wisdom.

In those moments when we’re tempted by the illusion of all-knowing invincibility, my father’s wisdom calls us to pause, to introspect. It is in these contemplative moments that we exhibit true maturity, for it takes courage to admit when we lack answers and to seek guidance, to openly acknowledge our imperfections. Through such vulnerability, we not only stay faithful to our own authenticity but uphold the sacred covenant of integrity and trustworthiness.

My father’s lessons resonate as a timeless refrain, especially in a world where values and principles can sometimes appear to erode. We shoulder the profound responsibility of guarding the flame of enduring virtues: honesty, respect, and humility. These values are not just the script of our actions but the very fiber of our character, crafting the enduring legacy we bequeath to the world.

Life, at its core, is an exploration of the tapestry of human relationships. It beckons us to an unwavering dedication to ethical principles and an unwavering commitment to boundless kindness, irrespective of our familiarity with the individuals we meet. What carries significance isn’t the breadth of our knowledge but the depth of our self-awareness, and it’s in the constancy of our ethical foundation that we chart the course of our destiny.

Our virtuous conduct emerges as a beacon, setting us apart from the sea of humanity. It’s the beacon of honesty, endearing us to others and drawing respect and admiration to our doorstep. But, above all, it’s our unwavering kindness that paints indelible strokes on the canvas of human hearts, leaving an everlasting impression, a legacy of love and compassion.

In every facet of life, we have the power to embrace these teachings, to live them, and to infuse our world with the warmth of authenticity, integrity, and unwavering kindness. In doing so, we don’t just enrich our own lives but become architects of a better world, where the timeless values my father imparted continue to shine brightly, touching the lives of all we encounter.

In the tapestry of our lives, woven with threads of kindness, respect, and unwavering integrity, let us remember that love is the most exquisite hue. In a world often clouded by differences, it is love that illuminates the path to ultimate integrity. For it is through love, not hatred, that we truly understand the beauty of our shared humanity.


“A Story of Resilience”

In the story of my life, I’ve journeyed through difficult times that felt like desolate valleys, where the echoes of my sadness seemed to fade away. In those moments of heartache and disappointment, a powerful truth emerged: sometimes, there’s a quietness, a lack of understanding and empathy. It’s during these times of feeling alone that the weight of our challenges can become almost too much to bear.

Imagine this: standing on the edge of despair, it’s as if the world has turned away from you. The walls echo with your silent cries, but it feels like no one is there to see your pain. Help feels distant, and it seems like the struggles you face are unnoticed by the world.

However, dear reader, it’s precisely in these moments of pain that something extraordinary can happen. Even in the darkness, a spark of realization can ignite within you – a realization that although the world might not see your tears, you have the power to change your story. Instead of succumbing to despair, you decide to challenge the odds.

With determination, you gather your strength and start to reinvent yourself. Step by step, you let go of the feeling of being a victim and embrace empowerment. Instead of dwelling on the challenges around you, you take on the task of rewriting your future.

Through these simple acts of defiance, something magical starts to unfold. The world watches in amazement as you navigate through difficulties, carving a new path with each victory. Your journey transforms you from an observer of life to a strong force for change, catching the world’s attention.

Those who once ignored your struggles are now astonished, seeing your transformation. Your story goes beyond words, creating a tale of bravery, resilience, and triumph. People who read about your journey can’t help but be moved – not out of pity, but out of deep inspiration.

This transformation showcases the incredible strength of the human spirit. Even when faced with challenges, we have the ability to rewrite our destinies, surpassing our circumstances. So, let the tears flow, but let them be tears of wonder. Your story is one of unyielding strength that resonates with anyone who hears it.


“A Journey of Wisdom and Inspiration”

In the embrace of books, I find solace and wisdom that fuel my soul. Every night, I immerse myself in their captivating pages, journeying to far-off lands and experiencing life’s most extraordinary tales. This sacred hour of literary exploration ignites a spark within me, filling my heart with joy and enlightening my mind with newfound perspectives.

From the tender age of 17, I discovered the enchantment of reading, inspired by my father’s unwavering love for the written word. As the years passed, my passion grew exponentially, blossoming into a radiant flame of curiosity and wonder. In 2009, the magic reached its pinnacle, and my love affair with books became an inseparable part of my life.

Through the mystical realms of literature, I found a sanctuary in challenging times, where hope triumphs over adversity and positivity prevails against all odds. Books have gifted me with the courage to weather life’s storms, emerging stronger and more resilient on the other side.

My personal library is a treasure trove of boundless knowledge and imagination. Each book carefully chosen to accompany me on this captivating journey of growth and enlightenment. I have made it a sacred ritual to dedicate an hour each day to these cherished companions, absorbing at least ten pages, savoring every word as if it were a lifeline connecting me to worlds beyond my own.

In the enchanting labyrinth of stories, I have discovered a wellspring of energy, igniting my spirit and empowering my mind. These books have become more than ink and paper; they are confidants, mentors, and allies guiding me on the path to greatness.

Reading is the gateway to boundless possibilities and profound insights. Through the magic of books, I have unlocked the doors to empathy and understanding, walking in the shoes of characters from every walk of life. The weight of stress and worries vanishes, as I’m whisked away to enchanted lands where dreams take flight.

With each turn of the page, my vocabulary flourishes, and creativity dances like a spirited fire. The boundless stories have become a springboard for my own growth, inspiring me to embrace change, seize opportunities, and unleash my true potential.

Books are not just a solitary endeavor; they have the power to unite hearts and minds. In book clubs and reading circles, we share our journeys, exchanging laughter, tears, and ideas. These connections create a tapestry of humanity, bound by the shared love for storytelling.

As I conclude my nocturnal rendezvous with books, I am filled with an indomitable spirit. Each tale, each lesson, and each character’s triumph become a part of me, igniting a fire within that propels me forward on the grand adventure of life.

Dear reader, I urge you to embark on this wondrous expedition into the realm of books. Let them be your allies, confidants, and guiding lights, empowering you to conquer obstacles, nurturing your spirit, and illuminating the darkest corners of your mind. Embrace the magic, for within the pages lies a world of endless wonder and boundless possibilities, waiting to ignite the flames of inspiration within you. Happy reading!


“The Immeasurable Worth of Every Human Being”

When I was a child, I used to wonder about the purpose of human existence and why we are created. I questioned why we go through the cycle of being born, growing up, working hard to create a better life, only to ultimately face death. However, as I grew older, time became a valuable teacher and imparted important lessons on living a meaningful life.

I learned that life is not solely about pursuing self-interest, working hard, and accumulating wealth. Life holds much greater value when we extend a helping hand to others and bring meaning to their lives. By offering hope and support to those who are struggling, our own lives gain a deeper sense of purpose.

I came to understand that we are all part of a continuum. Countless individuals have come before us, fulfilling their responsibilities, growing up, receiving an education, working, and leaving behind something valuable for the next generation. In turn, we continue their legacy and, one day, pass on our own contributions to the next generation.

This realization led me to understand that the value of a human being is immeasurable and cannot be quantified. Each individual possesses inherent worth and dignity simply by being human. This worth arises from the unique qualities, capabilities, and potential that each person brings to the world.

Human beings possess remarkable abilities such as thinking, reasoning, creating, and connecting with others on emotional and intellectual levels. We have the power to dream, set goals, and work towards achieving them. Our capacity for growth and self-improvement allows us to continuously evolve and make meaningful contributions to society.

Additionally, human beings have the capacity for empathy, compassion, and understanding. We can form deep and meaningful relationships, forge connections, and build communities based on shared values and experiences. This inherent social nature enables us to support and uplift one another, creating a sense of belonging and solidarity.

The value of a human being goes beyond individual qualities. Each person has a unique perspective, life story, and set of experiences that shape their identity. This diversity of perspectives enriches society, fostering innovation, creativity, and a deeper understanding of the world.

Recognizing and respecting the value of every human being is crucial for nurturing a just and inclusive society. It means treating individuals with dignity, irrespective of their background, race, gender, or other characteristics. Embracing this principle promotes equality, fairness, and the protection of basic human rights.

Ultimately, the value of a human being lies in their potential to contribute to the betterment of themselves, their communities, and the world at large. It is a recognition of the inherent worth and significance that every individual possesses by virtue of their humanity. By embracing and upholding this value, we can create a more compassionate, harmonious, and equitable world for all.


“A Journey Amidst the War in Afghanistan”

The war in Afghanistan began in March, with rapid invasions of several provinces, including an attack on the Herat province. Throughout June and July, the Taliban continued their advance, capturing most of the districts in Herat. This posed a significant threat to individuals like me who were working in women’s empowerment. Fearing for my safety, I decided to apply for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) and promptly informed my supervisor on June 9, 2021, who provided a strong recommendation. As the Taliban continued to gain control over provinces, the city of Herat became engulfed in the flames of war in August 2021, with the Taliban fighting against government forces. The traumatic echoes of conflict reverberated through the streets, shattering the peacefulness of our lives. Like countless others, I found myself caught up in the chaos, compelled to abandon the safety of my home.

I will never forget that heart-wrenching moment as I closed the door behind me, leaving behind the memories and the warmth that once filled those familiar walls. Tears welled up in my eyes, mirroring the anguish etched upon the face of my beloved father. His silent tears, like fragile droplets of sorrow, bore witness to the pain that permeated our souls.

With heavy hearts, we embarked on a treacherous journey, seeking refuge in the uncertain embrace of Kabul. The road ahead was paved with fear and uncertainty, our footsteps weighed down by the burden of loss and displacement. The desolation of war had cast its suffocating shadow over our lives, robbing us of our sense of security and plunging us into the depths of despair.

But the trials we faced were far from over. In the wake of our arrival in Kabul, the tide of adversity continued to surge, swallowing the city in its relentless grip. The fall of Kabul became a somber symphony of despair, echoing through the streets and resonating within the hearts of every Afghan soul. The weight of collective sorrow bore down upon us, threatening to extinguish the flickering embers of hope that remained.

In those dark hours, I could no longer suppress the torrent of emotions that surged within me. The anguish, the grief, and the profound sense of loss welled up, pouring forth as tears cascading down my cheeks. Each teardrop held within it the anguish of a nation, the unspoken cries of a people trapped in the vicious cycle of conflict and suffering.

Afghanistan, my homeland, had once again become a theater of darkness, a stage upon which the dreams and aspirations of its people were crushed. The weight of the past intertwined with the uncertainty of the present, creating a suffocating atmosphere that threatened to snuff out the flame of resilience that burned within us.

Yet, even amidst the depths of despair, a flicker of resilience persists. It is the indomitable spirit of the Afghan people, the unwavering determination to rise above the ashes of destruction, that illuminates our path forward. We carry within us the legacy of a nation that has endured the test of time, a testament to our unwavering strength and unyielding resolve.

So, as the tears continue to flow and the wounds of war remain raw, I find solace in the collective heartbeat of my people. We share a bond forged in adversity, a shared history that transcends borders and ideologies. Together, we stand as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a beacon of hope amidst the darkest of times.

And as I recount the painful chapters that have unfolded, I pledge to honor the sacrifices of those who have come before me. Their tears, their courage, and their unwavering love for our homeland serve as a constant reminder of the enduring spirit that resides within us. I shall carry their legacy, their hopes, and their dreams, as I navigate the uncertain path that lies ahead, fueled by the flickering flame of resilience that burns within my heart.

In the aftermath of the fall of Kabul, our family, comprised of the Sultanzada Family, Jawed Haidari, Aziz Hearavi, and various other families, embarked upon three arduous endeavors to gain access to the airport. However, the prevailing circumstances, characterized by an overwhelming throng of individuals, rendered us confined to the periphery of the airport grounds, impeding our proximity to the gates. A multitude of people, driven by the urgent need for refuge, converged in an impassable amalgamation. The resultant congestion reached such levels that I, at a certain point, was gripped by the harrowing prospect of losing my infant, nestled upon my lap within the tumultuous milieu.

This abhorrent tableau was one that defied the bounds of human endurance. We bore witness to the heart-wrenching spectacle of fellow beings desperately yearning for sanctuary, beseeching assistance from any authority figure within reach. Simultaneously, we were subjected to suffocating anguish and apprehension of potential separation from our cherished kin. Nights of fitful repose were endured in the shadowed recesses behind the airport gates, where our hopes of a favorable denouement clung precariously. Our well-intentioned compatriots residing abroad engaged in relentless endeavors to facilitate our escape, yet, lamentably, their exertions proved futile. It was at this juncture that we resolved, with heavy hearts, to resist further attempts at the airport. Instead, we embarked upon an exploration of alternative recourse, including the pursuit of visas to Pakistan.

Alas, the issuance of Pakistan visas was a privilege monopolized by a handful of travel agencies in the marketplace, who capitalized on the prevailing crisis by levying exorbitant fees. Nevertheless, our options were severely limited, and hence, we were left with no recourse but to pursue this route in our fervent quest to extricate ourselves from the perils that plagued Afghanistan. However, destiny had one crueler blow in store for us. In the ensuing days, a cataclysmic explosion ravaged the vicinity adjacent to the airport gate, exacting a toll of over one hundred lives and leaving several others grievously wounded. The ensuing sorrow and grief that enveloped us defied articulation. This calamity served as a poignant reminder of the immense perils and pervasive uncertainty that marred our journey to secure safety and solace for our families.

Eventually, we managed to acquire our visas, yet the challenges persisted as we crossed the Pakistan border. Some families were able to navigate the border with the assistance of well-connected individuals. However, my family and I made the decision to explore alternative means of transportation, opting to seek air or land options. Each individual ticket came at a steep price of $1,200.00, adding to the financial strain we were already facing. Ultimately, only Jawed Haidari’s family and mine chose to embark on the journey to Pakistan, while Jamshid Jan opted to remain behind.

Our flight was scheduled for October 27, 2023, and with a mixture of relief and trepidation, we finally arrived in Pakistan. However, our relief was short-lived as we encountered an entirely new set of challenges. The language barrier proved to be a significant hurdle, making communication and assimilation difficult. Finding suitable housing was another struggle, and we faced a lack of essential resources and financial stability. The weight of these burdens made it incredibly challenging to navigate our new reality.

Furthermore, our future remained uncertain as our case had yet to reach its final stage. Thankfully, Jawed Haidari had managed to secure a place on the evacuation list and was called to Doha in November. Meanwhile, the rest of us remained in Pakistan, unsure of what lay ahead. Mr. Aziz, along with the Naqib Jan family, still found themselves in Pakistan, grappling with an unclear future.

The three months we spent in Pakistan were undeniably the most difficult and bitter period of our lives. However, fortune smiled upon us as our friends, particularly my supervisor, provided invaluable financial assistance during this trying time. Their support, coupled with the stroke of luck that secured our place on an evacuation flight to Doha, proved to be a lifeline amidst the uncertainty and hardship we faced. We finally bid farewell to Pakistan on January 29, 2022, embarking on a new chapter of our journey, while Mr. Aziz and the Naqib family remained behind, awaiting a resolution to their own uncertain fate.

When we arrived in Doha at the military base, we initially thought that everything would be managed quickly. However, staying in the Conix was another problem, especially with children. Sometimes the air conditioner was set to a very low temperature, and we would freeze, while at other times it was too warm. On top of that, the place was overcrowded, and the facilities were insufficient.

Finally, on 04/05/2022, we successfully obtained our visas and immigrated to the United States through the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. We were grateful to have the support and accommodation of my wife’s sister, who graciously welcomed us into her home. Initially, we felt a sense of relief, believing that the challenges of our journey were coming to an end. However, we soon realized that the immigration process was just the beginning of a new set of hurdles.

Adjusting to life in a new country was more challenging than we anticipated. We quickly learned that the immigration process is not easy and can take years to fully establish oneself. We were unprepared for the high cost of living in the United States, which added an additional layer of complexity to our situation. Finding a suitable house became another significant hurdle we had to overcome, as the rental market proved competitive and often required a solid financial background.

Additionally, I encountered difficulties in job hunting. My careers and qualifications from Afghanistan held little value in the U.S., which made it challenging to secure suitable employment. I had to navigate unfamiliar job markets, rewrite our resumes, and sometimes pursue entirely different career paths. It was a humbling experience to realize that our previous professional achievements did not necessarily translate directly to opportunities in our new home.

The public benefits we received fell short of meeting all our needs, leaving us with the realization that relying solely on them was not sustainable. Taking my sister-in-law’s husband’s advice to heart, I recognized the urgency of finding employment to ensure our financial stability. Despite lacking prior experience in the field, I embarked on a job search and was fortunate to secure a position as a mechanical student at a local shop.

Those initial two months at the mechanical shop were transformative for me. I was thrust into a hands-on learning environment, where I quickly realized the extent of my knowledge gaps. Changing a vehicle’s tire, a task I had never previously undertaken due to having a dedicated driver, became one of the first challenges I confronted. With guidance from experienced colleagues and a willingness to learn, I gradually acquired the necessary skills.

Beyond tire changes, I delved into more intricate automotive tasks. The shop provided me with the opportunity to learn how to change oil, replace brakes, and tackle other engine-related repairs. While the learning curve was steep, I embraced the challenges and took pride in acquiring practical skills that would prove valuable both professionally and personally.

Working in the mechanical shop opened my eyes to the intricacies of automotive maintenance and repair. I gained an appreciation for the hard work and technical expertise required to keep vehicles running smoothly. The experience not only expanded my knowledge base but also instilled a sense of self-reliance and resilience within me.

As I honed my mechanical skills, I also developed a deeper understanding of the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of new challenges. This transformative period served as a reminder that stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing unfamiliar territories can lead to personal growth and expanded horizons.

Overall, my time as a mechanical student at the shop proved to be a valuable and eye-opening experience. It equipped me with practical skills, instilled a strong work ethic, and reinforced the notion that sometimes, the most transformative experiences arise from stepping into the unknown and embracing new opportunities.

Despite the best efforts of the Jewish Family assisting us, we encountered challenges in finding a suitable house to rent. The search proved to be more difficult than we anticipated, and we struggled to find a co-signer who could vouch for our rental application. Undeterred, we persisted in our efforts for nearly two months, investing significant time and energy into the search.

Finally, we stumbled upon a property that was willing to consider our application, despite our lack of credit history and current employment status. It was a relief to find a place that was open to offering us an apartment, given the obstacles we had faced. However, our relief was dampened by the exorbitant price they quoted for the monthly rent. The amount, $2,525.00, was significantly higher than what we had initially budgeted for housing expenses.

On top of the steep rent, we had to allocate an additional $220 for utilities each month. This included expenses such as electricity, water, and other necessary services. Moreover, our bills for PGE&N fluctuated, occasionally reaching around $230 in some months. These added costs strained our budget and placed further financial pressure on us.

While we were grateful to have found a place to live, the high expenses associated with it put a strain on our finances. We had to carefully manage our resources and make sacrifices in other areas to ensure we could meet our housing and utility obligations.

Nevertheless, we remained determined to make this new living arrangement work. We explored ways to optimize our budget and minimize expenses wherever possible. It was a challenging adjustment, but we were willing to adapt and do what it took to create a stable living environment for ourselves and our family.

Despite the financial burdens, we were grateful for the opportunity to have a place to call home in our new country. We understood that finding affordable housing can be a challenge, especially for newcomers with limited credit history and employment. We were determined to persevere and gradually improve our financial situation over time.

To compound the difficulties we were facing, the support provided by the Jewish Family was limited to very basic supplies. This further exacerbated our financial strain, as we had to shoulder the burden of purchasing essential items on our own. The added expenses, coupled with the high cost of living, made it increasingly challenging to make ends meet.

In an attempt to improve our situation, I decided to purchase a car. Recognizing the need for additional income, I took on a job as a food delivery driver. The nature of this work was demanding and often required late-night shifts, which added a layer of physical and mental fatigue to my already challenging circumstances. The job itself was not easy, as it involved navigating through traffic, delivering orders promptly, and managing customer expectations.

While the food delivery job came with its own frustrations, such as dealing with difficult customers or facing unfavorable weather conditions, I persevered. I understood that every effort I put into this job was a step towards supporting my family and creating a more stable financial foundation. The work was physically demanding, and the long hours could be mentally draining. However, I remained determined to make the most of the opportunity and provide for my loved ones.

Though the job may have been frustrating at times, it also presented me with valuable experiences and lessons. I learned to navigate unfamiliar neighborhoods, adapt to various delivery platforms, and hone my time management skills. These experiences, challenging as they were, helped me develop resilience and a strong work ethic.

It’s important to acknowledge that juggling the demands of a demanding job, financial constraints, and the emotional toll of being in a new country can be overwhelming. However, through perseverance and the desire to create a better future, I remained committed to overcoming these challenges and building a stable and fulfilling life for myself and my family.

In a nutshell, my journey with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) began on July 05, 2022, when I took on my first assignment as a case head to assist other caseworkers with their assigned cases. This initial three-month period went smoothly, and I successfully fulfilled my responsibilities. Then, on September 01, 2022, I was promoted to the position of caseworker, which I found to be a truly rewarding job.

Working with IRC has been a labor of love for me because I could help refugees and individuals who come to the United States with high expectations. However, it’s important to note that the U.S. is not a socialist country, and hard work is required to earn a living here. Despite the challenges, I find immense fulfillment in my role.

At IRC, I discovered a professional and stimulating environment where my colleagues are highly educated and qualified. Teamwork is greatly valued, and the atmosphere is one of camaraderie and honesty. Initially, I had the privilege of working under the supervision of Lila Samady, a knowledgeable and supportive individual. Her expertise and guidance were invaluable. Later on, there was a change in my line supervisor, and Amina Adel stepped into the role. From the moment she took the lead, it became evident that Amina was not only friendly and approachable but also possessed a profound understanding of the intricacies of the resettlement structure. Her exceptional leadership skills allowed her to excel in her position and make a significant impact on our team.

Amina’s friendly demeanor created an environment where everyone felt comfortable approaching her with questions or concerns. She actively listened to our feedback, valued our opinions, and ensured that each team member felt heard and supported. Her approachability fostered a sense of trust and open communication within the team, which greatly contributed to our overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Beyond her friendly nature, Amina’s in-depth knowledge of the resettlement structure was truly impressive. She demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in assisting refugees and immigrants in their transition to a new country. Her expertise allowed her to guide us effectively through various challenges, providing valuable insights and solutions.

What truly set Amina apart was her exceptional leadership skills. She had a remarkable ability to motivate and inspire the team, instilling a sense of purpose and passion in our work. Amina led by example, consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Her guidance and support empowered us to reach our full potential and to work collaboratively towards achieving our goals.

Under Amina’s leadership, our team thrived. She fostered an environment of teamwork, where all members’ contributions were acknowledged and valued. She recognized our individual strengths and effectively delegated tasks to maximize efficiency and productivity. Amina’s clear vision and strategic planning played a vital role in driving our team’s success.

Working under Amina’s leadership was not only professionally fulfilling but also personally rewarding. Her guidance and mentorship inspired me to continually learn and grow in my role. She created an environment that encouraged personal development and provided opportunities for us to expand our skills and knowledge.

In addition to the remarkable individuals within our team, I have been fortunate to work under the exceptional support and guidance of IRC Director, Jordane Tofighi. Jordane has been a true source of inspiration throughout my journey with the organization. Her wealth of knowledge, passion for the cause, and unwavering commitment to helping others have made a lasting impact on me and the entire team.

Jordan’s impressive educational background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and newcomers. Her expertise in the field, combined with her compassionate nature, allows her to provide valuable insights and strategic direction to guide our work. She continually seeks innovative solutions and encourages us to think outside the box, pushing boundaries to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

What sets Jordan apart is her exceptional leadership skills. She leads by example, exhibiting a strong work ethic, integrity, and a genuine care for the well-being of our team and the individuals we assist. Jordan’s ability to inspire and motivate us to go above and beyond our responsibilities is truly commendable. Under her guidance, we feel supported, empowered, and encouraged to reach new heights in our work.

Furthermore, Jordan’s dedication to the cause is unwavering. She consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to creating positive change in the lives of refugees and newcomers. Her vision and strategic planning have played a vital role in the success and growth of our organization. Through her guidance, she has fostered an environment where the team feels united, driven, and focused on achieving our shared goals.

Working with IRC under Jordan’s leadership has been a transformative experience for me. It has allowed me to discover my true purpose and passion in helping others and making a meaningful impact on the lives of refugees and newcomers in the United States. Jordan’s mentorship and support have provided me with the tools and encouragement needed to grow both personally and professionally.

I would like to highlight the exceptional camaraderie and cooperation that exists within our office. Two individuals, Sydney polish and Mariam White, deserve special recognition for their unwavering dedication, loyalty, and kindness towards everyone. They embody the true spirit of teamwork and consistently go above and beyond to ensure the office functions smoothly. Their genuine love for the work and their colleagues is evident in their tireless efforts and positive attitude.

The overall work environment in our office is truly remarkable and praiseworthy. It exudes a sense of warmth and excellence, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie among the team. The atmosphere is filled with respect, collaboration, and support, making it a pleasure to come to work each day.

While financial stability is undoubtedly important, the significance of working in this office goes beyond monetary considerations for me. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from being a part of this cohesive and harmonious team is invaluable. The shared commitment to a common goal and the genuine care for one another create an environment that transcends the typical workplace dynamics.

I am grateful to be part of such a positive and nurturing work environment, where the emphasis is not solely on financial gain but also on personal growth, mutual support, and the collective success of the team. It is a privilege to work alongside colleagues who share the same values and strive to create a workplace that is both productive and emotionally fulfilling.

In this office, I have found more than just a job. I have found a community of like-minded individuals who inspire and motivate me to give my best every day. Together, we create an environment where work is not merely a means to an end but a source of personal fulfillment and professional growth.


Unveiling the Factors Propelling the Establishment of the WISE Organization

In 2011, my wife achieved a significant milestone in her career by obtaining her university degrees. However, she faced numerous rejections in her search for employment due to perceived limitations in her English proficiency and work experience. This issue was not unique to her, as many women and girls in similar circumstances encountered similar obstacles, leading to feelings of discouragement and disillusionment.

Motivated by this prevalent problem, I took the initiative to establish a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to providing opportunities for fresh graduates. After months of dedicated effort, a group of determined women came together, and in May 2012, we successfully founded the Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE). Based in Herat, Afghanistan, WISE became a beacon of hope, focusing on the promotion of women’s rights and empowerment.

WISE received formal recognition from the Ministry of Economy with License number 2641 in May 2012, solidifying its presence and commitment to its vision. Under the exceptional leadership of Mariam Ahmadi, who herself had faced unemployment challenges in the NGO sector, WISE embarked on its inaugural project with the support of WASSA through the counterpart international. WISE’s mandate encompasses job creation for fresh graduates, capacity building, and advocacy for women’s economic development. The organization engages in various fields, including entrepreneurship, human capital development, peace education, youth empowerment, human rights, child protection, health initiatives, gender equality, combatting gender-based violence, policy advocacy, and civic education.

The journey of WISE has been characterized by resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive society. Through our tireless efforts, we have contributed to the advancement of women’s rights and the realization of their full potential. As we look ahead to the future, guided by our vision, we aspire to continue our work, creating pathways for countless individuals to thrive and contributing to the transformative power of economic empowerment.

On August 13, 2015, the SIKA West Project concluded, resulting in my unexpected unemployment that lasted for nearly a year. During this period, I faced difficult decisions, particularly regarding job opportunities that required travel to various districts. Concerned for personal safety and security, I made the challenging decision to remain unemployed until securing a more favorable position.

However, on February 17, 2016, fortune smiled upon me when Jamshid Sultanzada, an extraordinary and influential friend, came to my aid. Jamshid exemplifies kindness, passion, and unwavering support. Our friendship dates back to 2005 when we had the privilege of working together at AWCC. Since then, he has consistently been there for me, offering support whenever needed.

In a moment of serendipity, Jamshid offered me an opportunity to join his company, PomTech ICT Solutions. This gesture not only rescued me from unemployment but also symbolized his belief in my capabilities and dedication. From the day I joined PomTech, Jamshid has consistently provided guidance, encouragement, and support, fostering my professional and personal growth.

His unwavering faith in my potential has been an anchor during times of uncertainty, empowering me to navigate the challenges of professional life. Jamshid’s innate kindness and genuine care have created a work environment where I feel valued, motivated, and inspired to reach my full potential.

Throughout the years, Jamshid’s support has remained unwavering. His mentorship has shaped my career trajectory and instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude. I consider myself fortunate to have such an exceptional friend and mentor who consistently believes in me and provides opportunities for growth.

In 2017, I made the conscious decision to invest my time and efforts into our own organization, taking on the role of a Grant Specialist. With determination and perseverance, I actively pursued funding opportunities to support our initiatives. Through this pursuit, I successfully obtained a significant project focused on women in economic development from DAI-Mushariket.

Buoyed by this initial success, I continued applying for funding opportunities, driven by a profound commitment to our organization’s mission. As a result, I secured another project in collaboration with MSI-AMANA Project, generously funded by USAID. This new endeavor presented fresh opportunities for growth and impact, further fueling my dedication to our cause.

The year 2019 marked yet another milestone in our journey. Teaming up with WASSA, we jointly applied for a long-term project through TDH, with funding provided by BMZ German. This ongoing five-year endeavor, which began in 2019, has faced challenges concerning women’s workforce participation. Despite the obstacles, we have not only sustained the project but also maintained a resilient and dedicated team across Herat and Badghis provinces.

The journey has been far from easy, and the challenges faced by women in this field are undeniably demanding. However, our unwavering determination and the collective efforts of our team have allowed us to overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact. Together, we strive to create meaningful change and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

As we continue our work, I am filled with gratitude and pride for the progress we have achieved thus far. The projects secured from DAI-Mushariket, MSI-AMANA Project, and TDH, funded by USAID and BMZ German respectively, serve as testaments to our organization’s resilience and the value we bring to the communities we serve.

Throughout the course of our journey, the unwavering dedication of Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE) to the cause of job creation has borne remarkable fruit. Since its establishment in 2012 until the year 2021, WISE has proudly facilitated the creation of a total of 53 employment opportunities. Of these, 36 positions were extended to exceptionally talented and deserving females, while 17 positions were filled by equally capable male individuals.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to the effectiveness and impact of our organization’s initiatives in fostering gender equality and promoting women’s economic empowerment. By actively working to overcome the barriers that hindered the employment prospects of women and girls, WISE has succeeded in providing them with opportunities to unleash their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Each job created by WISE represents not only a source of income and financial stability but also an avenue for personal growth, professional development, and the realization of individual aspirations. By empowering women through employment, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of economic independence and the profound impact it has on their lives, families, and communities.

Moreover, the 53 job opportunities generated by WISE are not merely isolated instances but rather milestones in an ongoing effort to drive sustainable change. We continue to collaborate with partners, engage in advocacy, and implement programs aimed at expanding employment opportunities and enhancing women’s economic participation.

By consistently striving to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, we are actively contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable society. We recognize that a diverse and empowered workforce is essential for social progress, economic development, and the realization of sustainable development goals.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to our mission of creating pathways to employment for countless individuals. We will continue to leverage our partnerships, mobilize resources, and engage in targeted interventions that address the specific needs and challenges faced by women in the workforce.

WISE firmly believes that by expanding job opportunities, empowering women, and promoting gender equality, we are not only transforming individual lives but also fostering a more prosperous and harmonious society. Through our tireless dedication and collaborative efforts, we are determined to make an enduring impact and contribute to the ongoing progress of our communities.

During this demanding journey, I was fortunate to have the unwavering support of two exceptional individuals: Sultan Ahmad Aria and Mohammad Tariq Aziz. These friends stood by my side, extending their helping hands and working tirelessly alongside me. Together, we tackled challenges, overcame obstacles, and contributed to the growth and success of the organization.

Their dedication and commitment played an invaluable role in propelling the organization toward self-actualization. Their unwavering support and collaboration served as a source of motivation, inspiring me to push forward during the most challenging moments. Together, we navigated the intricacies of policy development, streamlined our structures, devised effective strategies, and crafted compelling proposals.

The combined efforts of our dedicated team, with Sultan Ahmad Aria and Mohammad Tariq Aziz playing integral roles, yielded remarkable results. We witnessed the organization gradually evolve and thrive, inching closer to its vision and goals. The realization of our shared vision, built upon a solid foundation of hard work and collaboration, stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and determination.

I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge the immense support and generosity extended by my dear friend, Jamshid Sultanzada. His selfless actions and unwavering belief in our cause have left an indelible mark on our journey. Jamshid’s support and dedication have been instrumental in our organization’s growth and success. His belief in our mission has provided us with the motivation and inspiration to persevere through challenges and push boundaries. He has consistently offered guidance, wisdom, and resources to ensure our efforts thrive.

Jamshid graciously provided his office space and all necessary company properties, alleviating financial burdens and providing us with a dedicated space to work and collaborate. The office became a hub of creativity and productivity, fueling our collective efforts to drive the organization forward.

Jamshid’s support went beyond physical space. He offered financial assistance and allocated resources from his own ventures to support our team’s endeavors. His belief in our mission and willingness to share his expertise and resources were invaluable assets that propelled us further along the path to success.

I am eternally grateful for Jamshid Sultanzada’s generosity, kindness, and unwavering support. His contributions played a vital role in empowering the organization and facilitating our outstanding work. Without his assistance, the strides we made and the impact we achieved would not have been possible.

The memory of Jamshid’s selflessness and the impact of his support will forever remain ingrained in my heart and mind. It serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and how a single act of kindness can uplift an entire organization. The legacy of his support will continue to inspire and motivate us as we strive for further growth and excellence.

Through the challenges and triumphs, we forged a bond rooted in mutual support and a shared commitment to our organization’s success. It is thanks to the dedication and contributions of individuals like Sultan Ahmad Aria and Mohammad Tariq Aziz that we were able to navigate the intricate landscape of organizational development and bring our collective vision to life.

As I reflect on this transformative journey, I am filled with deep gratitude for the unwavering support and camaraderie of these three friends. Their assistance and collaboration were instrumental in shaping the organization’s trajectory and propelling it toward its aspirations. The lessons learned and the memories created during this shared endeavor will forever remain an indelible part of our collective story.


Qualities of a Real Man: Leadership, Confidence, Empathy, and Love.

A real man should first be a leader for himself above all else. This fundamental principle provides him with self-confidence and enables him to act as a leader for others as well. Such a man should have confidence in himself and possess courage and determination as his own leader. This courage and determination help him confront all the challenges and obstacles ahead with self-belief and assurance in his actions. Additionally, this belief allows him to give himself the utmost attention and recognition and serve as an example for others. For this reason, a real man must first lead himself in order to be able to act as a leader for others and be recognized as a valuable role model.

As a prominent individual, a real man is not only polite and respectable but also empathetic towards others’ emotions. Furthermore, and most importantly, he possesses high self-confidence and the ability to gain the trust of others. This person, based on his self-confidence, has the power and courage required for leadership and management. Additionally, he leverages the ability to gain the trust of others for success in his personal and social interactions. The self-confidence and courage of this individual enable him to face the challenges and obstacles ahead with strength and confidence. Furthermore, by showing empathy towards others, he appears as a likable and trustworthy person and easily establishes effective communication and improves social relationships.

A real man, with a strong character and courage, attaches great importance to the needs of his partner. He values the physical and emotional well-being of his partner as a loyal companion and strives to always maintain a strong emotional bond between them. This person, through consistent performance and showing respect for the needs of his partner, benefits from the ability to gain trust and love from that person.

Moreover, due to his prominent personality, he possesses the power and patience necessary to establish deep and effective connections with his partner. He knows well that the effort to maintain stability and development in a relationship is a mutual endeavor and always seeks to facilitate interaction and coordination between them.

This real man constantly seeks new ways to improve his relationship with his partner and always looks for a better vision for their future loved one. In summary, by showing respect and attention to the needs of his partner, he becomes a highly reliable and stable partner in his emotional relationship.

A real man, relying on internal love and solidarity, has been able to transform their pains and sorrows into tranquility. Those who possess magnanimity and greatness in their hearts view the world and life with a positive outlook and perceive everything in terms of natural beauty and existence as something strange and fascinating.

They seek ways to make life better for themselves and others. With self-respect and respect for others, they strive to constantly move towards improvement and progress. Alongside this, by having a positive perspective on life, they always live in peace and happiness.

They use the beauty of nature as a means of connection with the world and always strive to respect it. Moreover, with an understanding and attention to the needs of others, they are always present alongside them as reliable and beloved partners. In short, real men, with a positive and calming outlook, always move towards a better life in the company of love and unity.

We hope that the future does not subject any father or man to hardship and difficulty in achieving it and does not make their lives bitter and hopeless due to the painful and unpleasant challenges that lie ahead. These men, with strong faith and firm determination, confront the hardships of life with greatness and pride, and because of this determination and faith, they enjoy a better and more meaningful life.

We hope that all fathers, men, and young people benefit from this power and hope for a better life for themselves and their communities, and with dignity and pride, they pursue their dreams and elevate life to its peak.


The Impact of Music on Human Life

Music is not only recognized as a beautiful and unique art form worldwide, but its remarkable effects on the human body and mind are also highly significant. Through playing and composing, music translates the deep emotions and thoughts of humans in a strange and wonderful way. Music can act as a therapy for mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress, and due to its calming and soothing effects, it proves to be highly effective for many individuals. Furthermore, music improves brain activity, reduces pain, and strengthens the immune system.

For me, the art of music represents love and emotions more than anything else. When I listen to music, everything else fades away, and I solely focus on its beauty. It captures the cries of my heart in a gentle and sweet manner that no words can express. To me, music is a deep and dynamic breath that gives me hope, energy, and joy. Whenever I engage with music, I feel like I’m accessing a world of love, life, and everything in between.

In my life, music is one of the fundamental components. It is like an intimate friend who is always by my side and accompanies me in every moment. Music, with its various forms and genres, allows me to connect with my emotions and immerse myself in them in any given day or situation. When I listen to my favorite music, I feel like I’m embarking on a dreamlike journey in a world where nothing is better.

Music, for me, holds more love, joy, and hope than language, geography, or color. It enables me to find relief from life’s problems and concerns and gives me greater energy to continue my daily routine. The love for music is something that holds more value in my life than anything else. I believe that music has immense power to help us connect with our emotions and pains. It enables my mind to work better and with more energy, just like the artists engaged with music.

Art and music have always been my deep love and passion. I remain committed to my love for art and music and have always strived to improve my skills in this field. When I listen to soulful and traditional music, a deep and sweet feeling awakens within me, making certain moments of my life intensely sweet and special. This love and passion for this type of music fill me with enthusiasm and inspire me to synchronize my voice with the melodies of this music in solitude. Listening to these melodies is a special and profound interest of mine, and I have added them to my repertoire due to their profound impact on my soul and mind.

Every time I have traveled abroad, especially to places like India, I have discovered various types of music used in celebrations, cultural commemorations, and gatherings. There is a common thread among these ceremonies, and that is the extensive use of music. From religious festivals to events associated with different days, music is always employed as a vital part of the programs and entertainments. Undoubtedly, this demonstrates the immense power of music as a universal language that connects everyone and has the ability to create unity among individuals.

When I am tired and exhausted from daily tasks, music gives me energy and happiness. This love has always been with me throughout the years and has helped me in maintaining my well-being and spirit. Therefore, music is the most essential element of my life that I will never let go of.

To all those who seek more tranquility and serenity, I suggest listening to the rhythm and soothing melodies of music. Music provides a sense of liberation and positive energy, and it is the best way to escape the daily worries and stresses of life. You can even learn and practice this popular art form to enhance your creativity and abilities in the world of music.